Price: Apple threatens punishment in Russia

the Russian antitrust authority federal anti monopoly service (FAS) has its investigation against Apple completed. You it looks as shown in that Cupertino based company with Russian retailers has taken illegal price fixing. Together they should have set the prices for three generations of the iPhone: iPhone 5 and 5 C, iPhone 6 and 6 plus and iPhone plus 6s and 6 S. According to the financial times a fine in the amount of 15% of the annual turnover in Russia now threatens Apple.

 flag of Russia (image: Shutterstock) specifically prices should have given Apple dealers to launch of the iPhone models in question for a period of three months. Then, the company had monitored prices in the online and retail and prompted dealers via email to correct “unreasonable” prices. Failure to comply with the price guidelines could have led to the termination of the contract with Apple as it keep the right contracts with retailers at any time and without giving any reason to terminate, the FAS.

Andrei Tsarikovsky, Secretary of State and Deputy head who is FAS, said in a press release: “The Russian subsidiary of Apple in the course of the procedure the FAS actively worked with.” Apple have set the price agreements and measures to prevent further violations of Russian competition law. These included training courses for staff and the creation of their own compliance rules.

as News Agency Interfax reports Apple can file an appeal against the decision of the antitrust authority before a court. It is still unclear whether it must pay also fined. Tsarikovsky called an amount between 1 and 5 million rubles, compared with Interfax what would correspond to 16,000 to 18,000 euros. On the basis of “administrative matters”, a possible fine will probably only set in a few months.

an official investigation had initiated the authority in August 2016 . That was in October 2015 introduced iPhone 6S. The cartel guards over several months across nearly identical rates at 16 major retailers registered after a complaint of the consumer. “The FAS believes that such coincidence could be the result of coordination of prices of Russian resellers by Apple”, communicated to the authority at the time. The head of FAS, Andrei Filimonov stated, you got first indications of price fixing in the February 2016.

Apple is not the only company, which most recently had trouble with the Russian competition authority. You consider combining Google’s apps with the mobile operating system Android as anti-competitive. An Appeals Court confirmed last week the financial penalty in the amount of 500,000 rubles (nearly 8000 euros) against Google Inc. Irish branch responsible for Russia to pay a fine may also. A court in Moscow will decide on March 16, according to a press release of FAS .


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