PostProcess Technologies receives a $ 4 million investment to continue with the development of its technologies.

 PostProcess Technologies

as insurance suggests this company name headquartered in United States, PostProcess Technologies today is dedicated to the development of new technologies of post-processing for 3D printing, same that have served to ensure that certain group of investors focus on it and boost it with no less than -$4 million.

this could be as well thanks to the breakthroughs that PostProcess Technologies is making in the field of systems and 3D printing post-processing equipment where is committed to the Elimination of all kinds of media, surface finishes, and waste treatment. As detail, let know you that, currently, the company already offers to all its customers a catalogue consisting of no less than 10 different machines.

PostProcess Technologies will continue to develop its products thanks to an investment of $ 4 million.

in this catalogue are teams that specialize in treating surface finishes allowing all users choose and adjust the roughness of the parts by the choice of different types of abrasive materials and polishes. On the other hand, we can also find equipment developed for remove brackets generated by the use of SLA, SLS, FDM and PolyJet technology. For this ultrasound, trepidation, solvent or treatment technologies are used by high temperatures, all computer-controlled.

no doubt this investment does nothing other that demonstrate how PostProcess Technologies is getting to revolutionize a very specific sector of the market that is growing at a strong enough pace. As you might expect, many other companies will follow the footsteps of PostProcess Technologies, something that surely will be more than beneficial for all end users since this competition will make certain technologies to accelerate its development and subsequent entry into the market.

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