Possible new features

displayed some of the innovations that might include iOS 11

unlike other years, on this occasion we are seeing very few rumours about what will be the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, talk about iOS 11 .

Because of this we don’t have another option, rather than wait a few more weeks before it will be the official presentation during the WWDC 17 . However, on Reddit was published and then deleted an article that lists some of the possible new features of iOS 11 .

Possible features of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

in that article have been featured the following new features of iOS 11:

  • payments peer-to-peer through Apple Pay : with this function it is believed that Apple will allow users the ability to send and receive money direct payments with other people, in an easy and safe.
  • Audio with FaceTime calls by default : IOS 11 can be used calls audio FaceTime as the method for calling predefined for iPhone users. This means that in the event that we are going to make a call, iOS will do it automatically using FaceTime audio should check that both devices have iPhone and data connection. Of course, this could directly affect the consumption of the data rate.

  • Improve the management of low-power or battery saving mode : iOS will apparently have the ability to understand the way in which the device is used and you can activate the battery save mode under certain circumstances. For example, if we are connected to a WiFi network and have 20% of battery or less, when we leave or disconnect from this network, the device will activate this mode automatically.
  • Video chat group : it seems iOS 11 also allows users make group calls via FaceTime with up to 5 users.

do you think that the new iOS will include are features? Do you like new features which may include Apple IOS 11 iPhone and iPad?

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