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Opera has a new version of its browser with the code name reborn published integrated Opera “Reborn”. It goes back neon Opera on the concept browser presented in January, which should give a glimpse into the future of the desktop browser and serve as a test bed for new browser capabilities. In Opera reborn, “the best parts of neon” now find entrance.

as most important innovation is to the Norwegian browser that seamlessly connect integration of popular Messenger out, surfing and chatting. Have been recorded in the browser WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and telegram.

(Bild: Opera)

“browsing and chat at the same time is today cumbersome and inefficient, because you must switch between tabs to answer a message”, justifies Opera Manager Krystian Kolondra the step in a blog . “We believe that this must change. That’s why we bring you Opera reborn as the first browser that allows instant messengers to live, without the need for installing any extensions or apps within your browser.”

to access one of the Messenger, simply click on the respective icon. After signing the Messenger is optional as insertion or use pinned next to the currently open tab. The user can place his favorite Messenger in the sidebar. Those who use more than a Messenger, can switch between them with keyboard shortcuts.

reborn is a project with the step by step the entire user experience of their browser wants to remodel Opera. The updated version of various UI improvements lead to including a bright and a dark color scheme, supplemented by new background images. The new layout is now consistent across the platforms.

the Norwegian browser manufacturers shot with a free VPN service and a integrated forward adblocker . The reborn version brings further optimizations for the ad blocker. A Web page now loads Opera among others automatically reboots when the Adblocking for the respective page on or is switched off. Also improved was the management of the block lists.

Opera 45 “reborn” is based on chromium 58, which brings more changes under the hood with it. The browser is used for Windows, macOS and Linux available.

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