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PocketBook has the PocketBook Aqua 2 the successor of its E-reader was published in the early summer of 2014 PocketBook announced Aqua . It is water and dust proof, comes with text-to-speech function, touch screen, Wi-Fi, and now also with foreground lighting. The E-reader will be available according to the manufacturer immediately at a suggested retail selling price of 129 euros in the color azure in the PocketBook-shop as well as in stores. The editors discovered however it price check so far on the Publisher’s site or in a shop. With its price of 129 euro he is 4 HD (179 euros) but anyway, well below the Talukder vision.

 E-reader PocketBook Aqua 2 (image: PocketBook) E-reader PocketBook Aqua 2 (image: PocketBook)

the E-reader comes with a 6-inch E-Ink-Carta display that ppi offers a resolution of 758 times 1024 pixels and pixel density of 212. At the first Aqua, there were 600 pixels still 800 times. In contrast to its predecessor, the PocketBook has Aqua 2 via a built-in LED foreground lighting. Nothing in the way should be a reading as well in low light conditions.

the device is powered clock and 256 MB RAM by a processor running at 1 GHz. The internal memory is 8 GB instead of 4 GB and offering space for several hundred E-books. As the operating system is Linux 3.0.35 used.

the PocketBook Aqua 2 is dust-resistant and waterproof thanks to IP57 certification. I’m for a short time up to 1 metre go diving, what should make it the ideal companion for the upcoming season according to the manufacturer.

the ergonomic buttons on the front of the unit should provide for ease of use. Through the free key assignment Aqua 2 both left – and right-handed users own the PocketBook is, so the manufacturer. The E-reader weighs 180 grams and measures 174.4 times 114.6 times 9 mm. The 1500-mAh lithium ion polymer battery (predecessor: 1300 mAh) browsing to allow for up to a month without charge.

with the micro-USB audio adapter included with the PocketBook allows Aqua 2 use the text to speech feature and play MP3 files. E-books are using Wi-Fi, the dropbox connection with the send-to-PocketBook service according to provider quickly and easily on the PocketBook 2 send Aqua, without the need for a connection to the PC. Also the latest PocketBook device is prepared with the installed ABBYY lingvo dictionaries on reading foreign language books that allow a recourse to up to 24 language combinations. The EPUB, PDF formats are supported (with/without Adobe DRM), DJVU, FB2, FB2. ZIP, DOC, DOCX, PRC, RTF, TCR, TXT, CHM, HTM, HTML, MOBI and ACSM.

“now may be the summer! With the PocketBook, we expand our product portfolio to another attractive model Aqua 2. His unusual shade – a shimmering azure blue – is already at the mere sight of holiday feelings. Whether on the beach, during a boat tour or in the swimming pool, yes even at home in the bathtub offers safe and comfortable reading enjoyment”our new, forward Enrico Müller, Managing Director of PocketBook readers GmbH, about the launch of the new E-reader.

the world’s fourth-largest provider of premium E-book readers, based on E-ink technology is his own statements according to PocketBook . The company was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland. PocketBook products are currently sold in 35 countries. PocketBook over 4 million devices have been sold worldwide. The company operates with bookland.com (vormals obreey.com) an E-book store, which contains thousands of German E-books.


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