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the London start up planet computer wants the personal digital assistant (PDA) bring into the 21st century – but it should not go to pure nostalgia here. Planet computer presented Gemini on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Basically it is a mobile device with a current 64 GB Smartphone features. Characteristics of the foldable device a mechanical full keyboard with real key travel and two operating systems, however, are – in addition to Android also a Linux distribution can start users in the dual-boot method.

planet computer at the same time patents filed this week and now financial support in the amount of $200,000 with a looking for Crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. Gemini will be notified early supporters at prices from $299 plus shipping if it is delivered on schedule in the November 2017. The start-up, says, to a benefit of at least $200 compared to the later sale price.

 a mobile device for prolific writer (image: Planetary computer) a mobile device for prolific writer (image: Planetary computer)

the PDA Edition wouldn’t offers the “look and feel” of the Psion PDAs in the 1990s in spite of the modern interior. Actually, Martin Riddiford was involved in the redevelopment – with its product design consultancy therefore and he had his hands in the game at Psion series 5, series 3a and Revo.

Gemini is 17,13 cm long, 8 cm wide and 1,365 centimetres high. With its weight of 400 grams, it is however far beyond the usual smartphones beyond what could be the metal housing and the removable “battery in double size” with a capacity of 8000 mAh owed. The 5.7 inch touch display offers a resolution of 2880 times 1440 pixels. A 10-core CPU is installed as processor, adding a ARM -Mali GPU and 4 GB RAM. 64 GB Flash memory can be extended via SD card.

which also calls is possible provide for Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and optionally 4G-Mobilfunk -. The front integrated a 5-megapixel camera. The PDA should even then respond to voice commands, when it is closed in the pocket of the user. Two USB-C connectors allow the connection of external input devices and monitors.

but above all is the creators about the “completely tactile keyboard”, which frees screen real-estate and accommodates all go missing a decent keyboard. This Gemini especially for bloggers and creative should own, always and everywhere need to write. Planet computer thinks as well to business users, who often go to write emails or text documents and spreadsheets, create and edit.

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