Piracy decreases in Spain for the first time in years

the latest news read in different media, report that for the first time in the last 10 years piracy has decreased in Spain.  what data corroborate this information? In this article I cuento lo in detail.

piracy in 2016 has dropped to 2015

in 2016 has decreased the piracy in Spain by 4% with respect to 2015, according to the study presented by Observatory of piracy and habits of consumption of digital content to coalition of creators and content and LaLiga industries . The data show that last year there were more than 4,100 million accesses to illegal content a 4′ 2% less than the access by the year 2015. In this case, this decrease represents a sum of more than 23mil million of euros.


what is this drop in access to illegal content?

the most pirated content is the film accessing these contents 32% of users. From behind, continue you the series representing the 27% music is one point below and books that have been accessed illegally 22% of users . As for the download of video games have been 12% of users who have done so illegally. Finally it has been soccer which has been illegally for 10% of users of illegal content.

in euros this can move it to 789 million movie which have almost 7000 million euro value in film and for sale. As series, we talked about 959 million episodes downloaded illegally last year. As for music, piracy if that went, since it went from 21% in 2015 to 26% of users in 2016. Accessed 1661 millions of music content.


United States piracy congratulates the Spanish policy on piracy

Spain has come out of the lists of countries ‘pirates’ for the sixth consecutive year. United States considered significant actions by the Spanish Government, including legislative changes. Each year the U.S. Department of Commerce collects the ‘Special 301 report’ in making a scale to recognize the degree of protection of the rights of intellectual and industrial property in the world. 

the Secretary of State for culture Spanish pointed out that these data confirm the of piracy downward trend in Spain. seems to be that Spain is underway to reduce the rates of illegal downloads.

new platforms helped to this decline?

responsible for Netflix so regard it. Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos assert that ‘ piracy has decreased in Spain thanks to Netflix ‘. 

 Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos, CEO and CCO of Netflix Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos, Netflix content director and executive director.

platform today has more than 93 million subscribers in the world. Today, Netflix has more than 125 millions of hours of entertainment between series, documentaries and films, as well as original content of video platform on-demand.

the price of subscription to these platforms of video on demand and the multiple options we have, are within the reach of all budgets and the large amount of content help that piracy down . Yet access to this illegal content has been great in Spain and in the whole world and, personally, I doubt that this disappear since whenever there are people giving access to illegal content, it will continue to remain people accessing it. Anyway, it is important to mention, that if the film continues to be the most downloaded is due to the high prices for access to cinemas causing users to seek alternatives, especially with high prices in times of crisis .

do you think that Spain will be less illegal downloads? Do you think that the Government should provide other benefits such as the fall in the price of movie tickets? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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