Periscope is updated by adding the retransmission in 360 °


Periscope of Twitter updates to offer broadcasts in 360 degrees . An option to their users while share moments.

following news that Twitter launched Twitter Lite for power save us enough data on our mobile rate, now the company launches a very interesting option at Periscope.

despite the fact that at the end of last year they started the first tests for some lucky users, now already has been released publicly, and all can retransmit in 360 degrees. 

from today it’s now possible to retransmit in 360 degrees around the world. No doubt was a very expected feature by many as too hype was created when some users could use this feature.

to do live video in 360 have to do it from your own Periscope application and will be able to play it in any browser except Safari .

 Nano Insta360 Nano Insta360 camera

but obviously will need a device that can record in 360 degrees. For this reason that recommend us the use of Periscope camera Nano Insta360, that we can find it for something more than €220 at Amazon. If you are interested in, from here will be able to buy it.

is a very tiny camera that attaches to your iPhone to do this kind of 360 degree videos.

if that can be a little against having to spend more than € 200 in purchasing an accessories to be able to relay 360 ° as an incentive, can not only broadcast, but also record videos for any other purpose.

If you are a fan of photography and video, can be an investment very strange, since this kind of videos are having a large audience since it is practically new.

the idea is good, but as said before, not for all budgets. As a user of Periscope, would buy this House, despite its high price? leave your comment, and if you know some other alternative camera, share the link to learn about these other options.

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