Pegatron is willing to produce in the United States if Apple gets to absorb the costs


since the arrival of Trump for President of the United States, has continued to put pressure on many brands to bring their manufacturing abroad, Apple included . Since then have arisen numerous reports that reveal that the company would be investigate how the decision would affect their development, in terms of costs and other factors . The CEO of Pegatron, one of the companies that are responsible for making Apple devices, said that would be willing to bring their factories to the United States, provided the customer takes the extra costs that would be .

Pegatron has its factories running and doesn’t care where is the client

according to the medium Focus Taiwan Liao Syh-jang, CEO of Pegatron, answered some questions about production in the United States at a Conference of investors. Liao explained that your company is prepared to manufacture in the United States if their customers want to meet the demands of Trump . It puts only a condition and is that his client would have to absorb the additional costs that would be . In addition, the CEO of Pegatron declared that their factories are now working for their clients, regardless of the origin of these.

Apple interested in manufacturing in United States

the last month of November already knew that Apple asked Foxconn and Pegatron that investigate the possibility of moving its manufacturing to United States . Shortly after it became known that Apple and Foxconn were looking to make an investment of $ 7 billion to build a factory in the United States with a highly automated facility . But in relation to Pegatron not had come to light which intentions had, assuming in the home which had rejected the idea. Now it seems that the company is open to the idea, but without leaving injured his account of results .

and you, what do you think about Trump manufacture in United States requirements?, would be willing to assume a rise in prices of Apple products for this reason?

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