Patent litigation: Qualcomm accuses Apple contract rupture of

Qualcomm has added patent dispute with Apple in and the iPhone manufacturer accused include breach of contract on Monday in an 134-seitigen character set. For to ask the US chipmaker, the Apple patents no longer required licensing should have forced, unnamed damages.

 Qualcomm (image: Qualcomm) ” in the past 10 years, Apple has with its products and services played an important role in, closer to consumers the benefits of mobile technologies “, Don Rosenberg, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Qualcomm is quoted in a press release. “Apple would have can not build the incredible brand iPhone has gained worldwide over it with more than 90 percent of Smartphone profits most profitable company, without to be instructed on Qualcomm’s basic mobile technologies.”

the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile chips is

Qualcomm. In addition, it made important contributions to the development of mobile communication standards. It generates a large portion of its revenue with the licensing of these technologies to manufacturers of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Apple developed but now own mobile processors for its iPhones and iPads, the modem chips, which are required for connections to cellular networks, refers to it but by Qualcomm. Of its suppliers, Apple pays not for the chips, but also licenses intellectual property by Qualcomm, which is in these chips and even mobile devices.

the royalties become due even for modem chips, which buys Apple Intel for the iPhone 7 at because they also contain standard relevant intellectual property by Qualcomm. Ultimately, Apple always pays royalties to Qualcomm, no matter who it refers to the components, depending on the value of the finished product.

the allegations made by Apple rejects Qualcomm now in his pleading. In addition, Apple should be responsible for alleged damages. In addition, Apple payments to Qualcomm to restrain, that should belong to the company pursuant to a contract of certain high speed features of Qualcomm chips. Finally Apple made knowingly false statements to government agencies to Qualcomm’s licensing practices and chip business, to harm the company.

Moreover, accuse Qualcomm Apple iPhone 7 deliberately to have reduced performance its modem chips to match the performance of the Intel chips. Apple have also prohibited Qualcomm to comment publicly on “Superior performance of iPhones” with Qualcomm chips. “Apple’s goal is clear – it uses his immense power, so Qualcomm are forced to accept an unfair value for his patented techniques that have helped Apple to generate iPhone sales of more than $760 billion,” added Qualcomm.

Apple pointed out demand by CNET on an earlier opinion. “For many years Qualcomm unfair erweise insisted to charge fees for technologies that have nothing to do with us”, the company from Cupertino already announced in January. Qualcomm call for no reason also licenses for “unique features” such as TouchID, advanced displays and cameras, which developed Apple.

in addition to Apple, the U.S. trade agency Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Qualcomm accuses got it Smartphoneherstellern anti-competitive supply and license agreements imposed on . Qualcomm’s “No license, no chip” policy should have allows the company to dictate its customers license agreements. Also Qualcomm should have refused to license standard relevant patents on its competitors.

in South Korea, the company was already in December 2016 due to monopolistic business practices to a penalty payment of sentenced $854 million. the EU is investigating Qualcomm .


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