Paprium: A new game for Sega Genesis, Streets of Rage style

WaterMelon Games developer hand will return to enjoy a game in 16-bit . And it is not the first time that they do in 2010 was Pier Solar and the Great Architects the first witness of this return to Sega Genesis, also created by this developer.

Paprium: Rule, Be Ruled or Die! arrives to resurface a legendary console that both moments of happiness has given us (and gives us). It’s Sega Genesis /Megadrive responsible for feats such as Sonic, Golden Axe, and against Hard Corps among many and wonderful games. We could say that Paprium would be much closer to the saga Street of Rage style beat’em up good colorful, scenarios, characters notable playable and most notable enemies even.

to purchase will have to pay $89 if we want the complete pack which will be creditors of the first volume of the manga Paprium in addition to the manual and the cartridge in question. There will also be a more basic version $69 .

a game especially made for Sega Genesis, and that it looks beautiful

the cartridge has the particularity of having 80 Megs exceeding the capacity that had Sega games at the time. will include 24 levels, several game modes, multiplayer modes and the possibility to choose from five characters .

probably to this new title will pass the same that Pier Solar and the Great Architects their greater hernano, which became the new generation consoles after his way through the 16-bit console (PS4, XBO WiiU), commonplace in the retro moment we live at the cultural level. Although it is true that the developers said that a port to PC or a ROM to emulate would not do you justice game, because it was specifically designed to run at 60 fps on Sega hardware. We’ll see.

are already thinking about dusting your Sega not? well, we will have to wait until mid-September to see in action Paprium: Rule, Be Ruled or Die!. 

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