ownCloud X – version 10 decoupled ownCloud features from the “core”

onwCloud X for the is free download . The major version 10.0 to bring more than 200 changes and new features in the community and in the Enterprise version. Especially the new file integrity check, the possibility of more flexible collaboration by individual groups and guest accounts, and a complete revision of the sharing dialogue are essential. The new ownCloud marketplace also simplify the installation of additional apps such as contacts, Collabora online or TOTP (time based one time password) and to facilitate the introduction of innovations in the product.

the ability to verify the integrity of files to increase the reliability of the solution. A calculation of the checksum of the communication between server and desktop client can identify the solution transfer errors such as bit error.

 files, manage and share in ownCloud x. (image: ownCloud) files, manage and share in ownCloud x. (image: ownCloud)

the ‘Custom ‘ groups’ feature is also new. So far, only administrators could create new groups. With the new function to create individual groups, now every user has the ability to add more users to a group, and to manage the permissions accordingly. This function is for LDAP users without any other groups within Active Directory must be defined by the administrator.

more flexible sharing possibilities result from the option to create as many public links. It allows a selective release of data by different passwords and expiration dates can be created per link. Users could use that so far only one for a link depending on the file or folder.

a user wants to share in the future so a file or a folder to different people or organizations with varying levels of desired access, must he, for example, to change release conditions, no longer manually turn off the link and to create a new. Instead access rights and expiration dates can be unique with different links created. You can send this public links in the Web frontend, the desktop client or mobile apps directly to email addresses.

in the new marketplace, developers now feature the Publisher can provide own ownCloud apps for all users to install. Once available, there is also the LDAP user app to connect to Active Directory and LDAP directory services are provided.

to enable greater flexibility in the extension and further development of ownCloud functionality onwCloud. So, current ownCloud releases could thus be limited to core functionality while improving additional functions regardless.

as new features and updates should be much more readily available. On the marketplace and the marketplace app ownCloud Server compatibility of all ownCloud apps when you upgrade will ensure in the future.

in marketplace.owncloud.com are also the new extensions “guest user” and “Custom Groups”. Also “contacts”, “Calendar” and “Top of the POPs” are for two-factor authentication to find there among others.

on the application of the new “guest user” create guest accounts can be allowed to all users. The E-Mail address is used as the user ID. A guest can access it in full on the desktop client. The guests can have no files and also do not replace files with other users or guests in the system. In several customer projects, had demanded this function for uncomplicated collaboration with suppliers, partners and external collaborators, tells ownCloud.

in addition to these major innovations ownCloud X offers many new features, that make the sharing of files easier: ownership of individual folders or files can be transferred to another by a user which is especially useful when one or more employees left the company. User accounts can be disabled in addition now also temporarily without requiring a complete deletion.

through the establishment of a central user administration increased the performance of LDAP or Active Directory integration. Also the performance of the sharing solution go through a reduction of database requests.


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in the version 10.0.1, whose launch is also the official launch of ownCloud X for enterprise customers, will be using the file-drop function added another important innovation. Thus, users have the ability to perform file uploads without further application in the specific cloud. Accept the files set out therein are only for the owner, while all other users do not have read access. Such upload only folder can be, for example, in the purchase of advantage, as if thus the uncomplicated tax shall be implemented by offers.

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