Overclocking in the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

spent almost two weeks since we announced to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti but their final arrival to the market was Friday past, and some portals specialized press decided to explore what so far you can go with this hardware, or in other words Press overclocking potential to the maximum. With its factory settings you already have everything you need to claim the highest step of the podium, however, there are many situations in which a higher frequency delivers tangible benefits.

is not an easy decision process to say. If you just buy a graphics card for $699 the last thing you want to do is cause problems with a overclocking disproportionate. But times have changed, and manufacturers are well aware that the users seek to squeeze your hardware as if it were an orange. The tolerances are older, and more robust methods of cooling. Thus arrived at the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti a very important step in relation to the Standard Edition. The latest benchmarks put it (en promedio) a 28 percent above in 1440 p, and an awesome 32 percent 4 k. Now… what’s with overclocking?

a 10 per cent extra in what already is a beast

PC Gamer people carried out several tests which we could consider as moderate, climbing the power limit maximum of 120 per cent, 175 additional MHz on the core, and 500 MHz on the memory GDDR5X. To compensate, the fan was activated statically to the 80 percent . Depending on the load, Nvidia is the fan turns as slowly as possible to reduce the noise, and in its normal configuration, the temperature can exceed the 80 degrees Celsius. If you are willing to accept more noise, the numbers will be major. Honestly, tests on 1080 p already have an anecdotal profile due to the natural power of cards as the 1080 you and the CPU limits, therefore, the benchmarks focused on 1440 p and 4 k.

with the combo «120% / + 175 / + 500» the increase in performance is a 8 percent at 1440 p , and a 10 per cent in 4K which can make the difference between a very acceptable experience, and always desired 60 FPS. Best served by overclocking titles were Doom (20 por ciento de aumento) and GTA V (9.5 por ciento) . Dishonored 2, Far Cry Primal and Gears of War 4 managed to pass the barrier of 60 pictures per second. On the other side, Civilization 6 (cuya optimización es espantosa) did not record any profit with overclocking, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided just won four frames per second. We’re going to stop here, and imagine what can do the 1080 Ti once that the cooling liquid enters the equation.

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