Ouo.IO is already sending payments by Paypal

I have to confess that I was not going to think that this occurs, but not I thought at the time that is arrived at the situation which we have just come out. Don’t worry if I don’t understand, the important news is that:

Ouo.io users are receiving the payments so far marked as pending in your Paypal accounts

I was just notified this morning Ouo.io is already paying by Paypal, as well as Dèbito, but not only new payments, but the previous marked as pending. Not just one person, but three. Surely receive more notifications these days.

the truth is that I have not noticed difference because my payments and the others arrived without problem. But yes I can notice the change in the retreats page.

Important Note: Feel free to contact us if you have pending payment, your message may missed by us before 28/4, but from now you will get quick response within 24 hours.

now not only undertake to respond in less than 24 hours, but that, as we have already said, some, but many people have already received payments which has dragged for months.

with this have to, Ouo. io:

  • is DMCA-proof : shortly before the blockade had already had another scare. The domino’s ouo.io stopped working due to a DMCA claim copyright. This was obviously due to bound material, not to own ouo.io site. The problem was fixed within a few hours and completely cured in a matter of few days. It was the first test of fire passed.
  • very recently I would ask Yes also would be blockades of Paypal proof?, although at the beginning we had good confidence make ouo.io to the problem of the DMCA, everything indicated that the answer would be not when, reached the time for unlocking in Paypal, this did not. All thought that ouo.io had – or at least they had developed it, in-fraudulent. We were wrong (though I confess that I never lost hope).
  • no longer has debt with anyone. Or at least with almost anyone, it is quite possible that there are payments that have not been sent. That they encourage us to contact and undertake to respond. One of my contacts, to which I am very grateful, has received response and payments for all what was owed in a matter of hours.

for what I have a silver lining to the doubt is a point that it had also prepared if the blockade lasted how strict or only a little more:

  • to test competitors? : in the first months to this great shortening block, appeared new pairs each day. None had made him shadow, but one that can highlight; CPMLink was for my new Ouo.io, and I think that I am not mistaken, Ad24.us is not bad.

better for everyone! Now we have more and better shortening and I think that we expect a good future together! What is it your opinion, what you think about all this, you think Ouo.io is now stronger than before, does this have something to do with the day of the worker?

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