Orange Pi Win Plus, an alternative for those who want to work with Windows IoT

 Orange Pi Win Plus

Orange Pi project goes ahead. Although recently we knew a Raspberry Pi Zero W-based model, they now present a model oriented to the world and in relation to Windows IoT IoT. In this case we have a plate powerful SBC that supports not only traditional operating systems, but it also has an image with Windows IoT .

image that will be supported or rather, created in collaboration with the own Microsoft. This model is based on the old plate Orange Pi Win, however the power and hardware has changed considerably.

Orange Pi Win Plus model is composed of a processor Allwinner A64 comprising four cores . Next to the processor, the SBC has 2 Gb of RAM. The internal storage is provided by a slot for cards microsd and eMMC Flash memory. In terms of connections, Orange Pi Win Plus has an Ethernet port, a module Wifi and Bluetooth with an antenna for Wi-Fi access.

Orange Pi Win Plus contains not only 2 Gb of ram but also a module wifi and bluetooth

the ports which has Orange Pi Win Plus are hdmi for screens, lcd display port, four USB ports and audio output and microphone. Like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi Win Plus has a GPIO port a port that will allow us to expand and reduce the functions of the Board.

Orange Pi Win Plus can run Android 6, Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian and Windows IoT. SBC plate is oriented to this operating system to facilitate the IoT world to users who use Windows. However, the power of this Board makes Orange Pi Win Plus ideal for users of Ubuntu or Linux users who want to use the plate as minipc or simply as a powerful brain for our project. In any case, by about 30 euros, Orange Pi Win Plus is a great alternative do not you think?

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