Oracle exceeds expectations in the third fiscal quarter of

Oracle presented results for the third fiscal quarter of 2017 (up to 28 February). The non-GAAP share earnings climbed by eight percent to 0.69 dollars. It surpasses the expectations of analysts, who had expected a surplus of $0.62 per share. Oracle, however, increased its sales by 2 percent to $9.2 billion. Here, the forecast was $ 9.26 billion.

 Oracle (image: Oracle) the course of Oracle stock in the post-trading trade to 2.55 dollars or 5,92% to 45.60 dollars, which is significantly above the current 52-week high of $43.26 climbed on the New York Stock Exchange. The yesterday’s closing price of 43.05 dollars had it (plus 0.26 percent in the course of the day) narrowly missed.

the cloud business achieved again the greatest growth. The scope cloud SaaS and PaaS – improved by 73 percent to 1,011 billion dollars or 11 percent (up 5 points) of group sales. Cloud IaaS rose 17 percent to $178 million. Thus reached the entire cloud Division an increase of 62 percent, and revenue of $1,189 billion (13% of total sales).

new software licenses flushed $1.4 billion in Oracle’s cash, which corresponds to a decline of 16 percent. License updates and product support were responsible with 4.762 billion dollars for most of the revenue (52 percent). They improved only by two percent. The range of on-premise software worsened as a result by 3 percent, $ 6,176 billion.

the hardware Division did not stop again its previous year’s result. 1.028 billion dollars correspond to a decrease of 9 per cent, which collapsed the sales of hardware products by 14 percent. Support sales deteriorated by 4 percent.

while the operating profit to two percent declined to $2.96 billion, net income increased according to GAAP by 5 percent to 2,239 billion dollars. A portion of the profit is to be distributed in April as dividend of 0.19 dollars per share to the shareholders.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd took the balance sheet presentation to tell again against the competitors. “Last year we sold more new SaaS and PaaS as, and we grow more than three times faster. If this trend continues, we will sell and grow significantly faster in absolute terms more SaaS and PaaS. The question is, when we catch up with Salesforce on cloud sales and overtake.” DISPLAY

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