Oracle acquires start-up Wercker

Oracle announced the acquisition of the Dutch Software House Wercker . The company will integrate the own cloud offering with the container management of start-ups. Wercker developed among a SaaS-based management for the docker and Kubernetes container technologies. In addition, the Amsterdam company with integrate Google cloud platform, Amazon Web services, Kubernetes and slack.

 Wercker specializes in the automation and management of Microservices and specialized containers. Here in the picture is to see the workflow editor. (Image: workers) Wercker has specialised in the automation and management of Microservices and container. Here in the picture is to see the workflow editor. (Image: workers)

developer have the opportunity, via the Wercker management solution quickly place container to test code. The solutions allow for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) use. This cloud-native Automation Platform offer a local command line interface, a SaaS service and APIs. With this step, Oracle hopes to make popular the own cloud services for developers.

“Werckers docker-based platform has a strong and rapidly growing user base, because company – switch to large and small – on container workloads”, commented in a Wercker founder and CEO Michael Hernández van Leuffen blog . Developers would have access to a comprehensive portfolio of docker-based PaaS and IaaS so well through Oracle. At the same time, Wercker could speed up in the larger cycles of innovation.

Wercker hopes to be able to offer their products to a larger number in the future. Also, existing offers should be continued.

Oracle one rejoices about the acquisition, which brings new automation tools and the work of developers across the spectrum across more effectively makes explained as Mark Cavage, VP of product development at Oracle.

currently have no plans to migrate, as Oracle explained fact sheet to the takeover in a SaaS services on other cloud environments exist’s. Oracle also said to integrate GitHub and BitBucket close with Wercker. Until the completion of the acquisition, both companies would operate independently. Financial details of the takeover were not known.

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