Opera is updated by integrating WhatsApp and Telegram

when browsing the website we have many options. If you own a Mac you will find in the same Safari . The native browser of Apple, conceived and adapted for your Mac that offers optimum performance (though rather simple for many).
But if you decide to try some of the other alternatives, operates may be an excellent choice. “

 browser Opera Opera, renovated in appearance and performance

operates Reborn, a new experimental

 Version browser Opera experimental Version of Opera, named com Neon

Opera has long been with us, and I always managed to earn a place among the browsers most used. Having a tough battle with Google Chrome and the now extinct Microsoft Internet Explorer (baptized as Edge)
to the delight of many, has been updated, with very significant changes and that undoubtedly deserve a chance.

some time ago, Opera had incorporated some very useful options, such as a free VPN service and lock ad . Everything natively, without the need for extensions and that worked very well.

now, it keeps all the good that already offered and incorporates some new features, seen in the experimental version named Neon .

WhatsApp, Telegram and other built-in messengers

 Telegram in Opera browsing Opera, as we speak by Telegram

on many occasions, having navigation from the computer and answer messages in the mobile it is uncomfortable.
And although both Telegram as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger have a web version and desktop applications in some cases, to talk with our friends; Opera incorporates them into your browser natively.
navigate and chat making a simple task and natural without having to change the application or tabs.

new design and customizable

Opera joins fashion mode mode and day night . Thus a look more nice .
It is also possible change the funds browser color and customize the homescreen .
Making your browser unique and personal.

also have renewed the icons . With a design more stylized and look more fresh.
Also incorporating very nice animations and to help a better user experience. “

better performance and safety

 security in Opera new security measures in Opera

A today, there are many transactions that we do on the web. Providing our personal and financial information very sensitive to be shared on sites of questionable safety.
That’s in addition to a pleasant and colorful appearance, a good browser needs to be efficient and secure .

with regard to the performance, from Opera claim that it has improved. Doing that, together with the visuals, we enjoy a rewarding experience when browsing the web.
Among other innovations, graphic processing, allowing to decode videos it has improved more efficiently.

regarding security, Opera offers a Ads Blocker quite flexible. Allowing to modify blocklists with EasyList and EasyPrivacy .
Also the browser itself will let us know when we are entering a completely unsafe site, or by entering your password in a web of some risk. Conclusion

as stated above, there are many alternatives when choosing a web browser.
And Opera is an excellent choice. Incorporate many safety features, navigation and performance, without the need for plug-ins, extensions, or third-party applications, can be one of the reasons to occupy a space in your Mac

Google Chrome is one of the most used, but many are those who say that this browser consumes resources excessively high on our Mac. Something very important and directly affecting the autonomy of the battery.

opera claims to be secure, fast, efficient and at the same time “beautiful”. something that may look like much, but that being free not to lose anything to try. Availability

Opera is available both for Mac PC . You can download it from the official website for free.
It also has a iOS version.

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