“Opens the garage door with a sensor of fingerprint and Arduino

 lock with footprints and Arduino Mini sensor

you can do many things with an Arduino board and thanks to its mini models, the world of possibilities and projects increases considerably. A good example of these possibilities is the project of the young Joebarteam which has used a small Arduino board to build a lock that opens with a sensor of fingerprint .
Operation is same as the performance of our mobile: we put the finger in a panel that is next to the door and the door unlocks. However, the implementation of this project goes beyond how a lock is unlocked.

intelligent lock with Arduino Mini is a cheap reality

Joebarteam has installed this lock on a garage door, in such a way that with your finger through a panel can open and lift the door from the garage . And all powered by a plate Arduino Mini Pro, a plate with a very small size but with a lot of power.

the cost of the project is quite affordable, because fingerprint sensor can acquire it for 16 euros approximately and the Arduino Pro Mini plate does not usually cost more than 15 euros, being in all priced very low in relation to the same custodial locks.

Joebarteam have published the creation and construction guide on Instructables . A fairly long guide but it is worthwhile since the result is positive. Of course, this project can suffer some alterations and changes. This would allow us to have the fingerprint sensor on one side and allow the door to open without having to get us garage.

we also could change the fingerprint sensor for remote control via bluetooth . Something that would allow us to open the door without having to get off the car. All this thanks to the free Hardware and for a lower price than proprietary locks.

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