Opened Gearbest European Service Center

for the Chinese online retailer Gearbest Germany is apparently an important market. In addition to duty free shop “Germany Express”, with the shipping option “Germany Priority Line” or Gearbest has opened now also a service center in Europe. Also provides Gearbest a German edition of his Web site German customers and offers a German-speaking support.

 Gearbest on German (photo: Gearbest)

thus the attractiveness of the Chinese online dealer is likely to increase further in this country. Because this expensive and time-consuming return of defective products to China is no longer valid. Also, many units with fitted battery not via air cargo could be sent. These drawbacks are eliminated now, but only for goods ordered German website on the by Gearbest . Customers must pay for cost of shipping in the Spanish Service Center. Gearbest paid the return transport. In addition, Gearbest offers also on Facebook information and support in the German language. This works in real time about the Messenger.

offers in the German Gearbest-shop

fit to start the German Web page by Gearbest there is also a range of Flash services. So, for example, the Xiaomi MI is notebook air 13.3 for more than 600 euros on offer. It is equipped with a 2.3 GHz fast core i5-6200u and 8 GB of RAM. The storage capacity of installed SSD is 256 GB. The 13.3-inch IPS display resolves with 1920 x 1200 pixels. had the small model in the test, which convinced by an excellent processing and expandability. Xiaomi MI notebook air 13 (screenshot: