Onion Pi, a Raspberry IP security

 Onion Pi

some time ago we told you about 5 projects for our House that we used the free Hardware and Raspberry Pi. here you talked about use Raspberry Pi and the TOR project. Long ago a home project that is succeeding and that other sites have decided to start it.

Adafruit, one of the most famous brands within the free Hardware has created a guide to build a nearly equal project . This project has received the name of Onion Pi.

Onion Pi name comes from the combination of Raspberry Pi over the symbol of the Tor network the onion. The Tor network uses a system of layers of security that work as the layers of the onion. This system is effective and safe for those who sail through this system. So much so that users who enter this system are undetectable for many viruses, scanners, etc…

Onion Pi helps us to surf anonymously through a Raspberry Pi

thanks to the Onion Pi project can have this security system for very little money: will only need Raspberry Pi and a wireless router. This router is important because need that Raspberry Pi connects by cable and wireless to provide security to all devices in the home or the company . What makes that we need Raspberry Pi 3. Once we have connected everything to the Raspberry Pi, we must download the TOR in Raspbian program and modify some parameters of the program to adapt to our home or business network.

Onion Pi still cannot be a gadget unique and independent as it can for example be a mediacenter or an intelligent speaker, but thanks to guide it from Adafruit and to Raspberry Pi, it is not necessary to buy it since we can build it for very little money .

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