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the open-source Profjekt Android in a box (in box) allows the native version of Android apps on Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux operating systems. It differs from similar projects, that it requires no emulator. Instead of box Linux namespaces uses. Login box was

created by a developer who is working for Ubuntu-sponsor leader canonical . Simon Fels has his project publicly now after eighteen preparations, as he writes in a blog . It is based on the idea to run Android in a simple container based on LXC . Relevant parts should be left to the guest operating system, without however allowing real access to hardware or user data. As a result the Android applications to integrate well into your existing desktop environment, as if it were regular applications.

(Screenshot: ZDNet.de)

the project is currently still in a”Pre Alpha”-development phase. Android apps are so fundamentally about runs on Ubuntu or Debian, but crashes and instability is expected. The next phase of development to focus on stability and resolving bugs, as well as contribute additional features for better integration with the guest operating system. Difficult is initially the installation of Android applications in to box, not Google play store of yet the app store of a third-party such as F-droid is available. The app installation requires therefore the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and via the Berfehlszeile.

login box source code is available on Github. Because canonical Ubuntu now has given up touch and his Smartphone ambitions, to box is intended now mainly for Linux desktops. The developer notes however that it runs Ubuntu touch, sailfish OS and Lune OS–actually began development on Ubuntu touch. To run Parallels between Android-in-a-box and Google’s approach to Android apps on chrome OS


according to rock. “In contrast to Google’s implementation of box allows no direct access to hardware devices”, he performs. “For example it beats it for Open GL a bridge to the host. In chrome OS the container gets access to the host kernel page of the graphical subsystem to enable faster rendering. We have decided here to keep open an easy way to port login box on different platforms.”

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