Office 365: Microsoft leads with March update also co-authoring in Excel a

the March update for Office 365 has numerous new features on board. Users now have the opportunity to work together with Excel documents. Microsoft team and the planning tool booking are now widely available, also extends Microsoft OneNote and offers an improved Visio integration with Excel.

 users can now see, who currently works in a spreadsheet in Excel. (Image: Microsoft) users can now see who is currently working in a spreadsheet in Excel. (Image: Microsoft)

thanks co-authoring in Excel on Windows desktops provides users, where colleagues in a document make changes, while he himself has opened the sheet. The function also tells where work colleagues and can track the changes immediately. This function for Excel on Windows for Office insiders almost is now available. There is more information here .  First of all, Microsoft wanted to collect feedback from the Insider program before this feature is generally available.

new feature is in the Office Insider program in Excel for iOS, Excel Mobile for Windows, Excel for Android and available in Excel online. In addition, Microsoft also work to expose the feature in Excel for Mac.

Microsoft rolls out beyond the AutoSave feature in the Insider program for Office 365. “With AutoSafe can no longer needs to” Save “press, regardless of whether you work alone or with others”, promises Kirk Kaiser, Corporate Vice President of the Office team in a blog . First get Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Windows Desktop feature, also files, that are stored in SharePoint online and OneDrive OneDrive for business.

after an extended testing phase Microsoft is now ‘ bookings ‘ General ready. The tool is designed for smaller businesses, which can connect the calendar in Office 365 and can optimize so planning appointments from the default buffer time and other settings. Bookings is for all subscribers of Office 365 business premium available.

new features Microsoft bought also OneNote. So it can convert now handwritten equations in a graph and at the same time, OneNote gives assistance in the solution of equations. The new feature is Windows 10 and Office 365 users in OneNote for available. Now also the accessibility checker is available in OneNote for Windows 10, about the notes for people with impaired Visual abilities can be prepared.

 OneNote recognizes handwritten equations and transforms it into a graphs. (Image: Microsoft) OneNote recognizes handwritten equations and transforms it into a graphs. (Image: Microsoft)

more closely integrated with Excel and PowerPoint, Visio was now in the Insider-slow program as a pre-release version. So, flowcharts can now be generated from data in Excel or PowerPoint with just a few clicks. Diagrams or excerpts in a PowerPoint presentation can use slide snippets to a Add. Also, PowerPoint presentations can now be created from the Visio data visualizer templates. The new beta features are available for Visio for Windows desktop and Office 365.

 Visio, PowerPoint, and Excel are converging more closely. Users can now add data or graphics directly into a presentation using templates. (Image: Microsoft) Visio, PowerPoint, and Excel grow closer together. Users can now add data or graphics directly into a presentation using templates. (Image: Microsoft)

the newly presented collaboration tool is Microsoft teams now in 181 markets in 19 languages available and now more than 100 new features going to kill King Bauer further. In addition, teams offers more than 150 integration with other apps, or will get this soon.

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