“Obi Juan wins the award or ‘ Really Open Source

 Obi Juan next to a 3D printer from Clone Wars

free Hardware and 3D printing enthusiasts will surely who already know the nickname of Juan González, Obi Juan. For the rest who do not know this figure of Spanish copyleft Hardware, say Juan González is a Spanish engineer who has spread the use of 3D in Spain printing as well as educational robotics.

the engineer was this year nominated for awards or ‘ Really Open Source. One of the most important garladones to the world of free Software. OBI Juan is the first Spanish which has been nominated for these awards and is also the first Spanish to win the first prize .

the nickname of Obi Juan comes from the community of 3D printing that Juan González created. Clone Wars is the Spanish 3D printing community that relies on the RepRap project.

Juan González dubbed his first 3D as R2D2 printer as well as also used the Imperial March from the saga Star Wars. This is what made the Spanish engineer is called him John Obi.

John Obi was the forerunner of the community Clone Wars of 3D printing

but John Obi has done much more than a 3D printer. While the most popular is the Clone Wars, Obi Juan community has spread educational Robotics in Spain as well as create projects of modular robots that everyone can play.

this is all part of what he calls “Technological heritage” Juan González a concept that increasingly has more followers and that undoubtedly has made that the judges of the O’Really Open Source fallen in favor of Juan González.

really Awards receiving Obi Juan are fully deserved. There are few people that are doing so much work by the free Hardware . Not to mention that many Spaniards and Spanish speakers are having your first printer 3D thanks to this man congratulations Obi Juan!! What the force be with you!!!

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