NVIDIA Titan Xp: made excess card graphics

just spent a month since the launch of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti a graphics card faster than the Titan X, and priced much lower. But Nvidia is was not satisfied, and upgraded to what I once again logo hardware. Titan Xp brings a full Pascal GP102 chip, 12 GB memory GDDR5X, 384-bit bus, and a price that freeze us the blood.

AMD graphics cards are very powerful, but most enthusiasts agree that there will be a duel between real until high-end hardware RX Vega reach the market. That means a little advantage to Nvidia about the calendar and everything you need to do is squeeze architecture Pascal . The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti it is impressive where it you look at it, however, in the eyes of the company one cannot occupy the first step. This place belongs to the series Titan, slightly displaced by the virtues of the 1080 you, but restored Titan Xp with the debut of the .

«The fastest graphics card in the world». Words of Nvidia.

There is no cut here: the Titan Xp use the same GPU of Nvidia Quadro P6000. 3,840 CUDA cores, frequency in Boost mode of 1,582 MHz, 12 GB memory GDDR5X, 384-bit bus and a bandwidth reaching the 547.7 gigabytes per second lead their technical specifications. Obviously, SLI support is there, like G-SYNC. NVIDIA indicates on their official website that the maximum resolution of the card is of 7.680 x 4.320 pixels, or better said, 8 K @ 60 Hz . Despite adjustments in their frequency and full use of the chip Pascal, the Titan Xp it has no reason to see altered its TDP, and remains at 250 Watts as well as the Titan X and the 1080 you.

logically, is expected than the Titan Xp is available in very limited quantities , and is priced the same as we saw in the debut of the Titan X -$1,200. What delivery in Exchange for such investment? Without benchmarks, it is difficult to say, but its specs suggest 10-12 per cent more than performance against the Titan X, and a 7-9 per cent when compared with the 1080 Ti. In short: If life has allowed you remove the equation money, this is the graphics card you are looking for.

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