Nuki: Smart door lock can be opened now with Amazon’s Alexa

can now that smart lock Nuki also Amazon Alexa are controlled, the Grazer company announced today. Nuki is the first European smart lock with Amazon Alexa support. Naidu is a door opener with permanent Internet connection, which can be retrofitted in a few minutes of European cylinders. The Nuki smart lock costs 229 euro. Optional the Nuki is combo, consisting of from a Nuki smart lock and a corresponding bridge for 299 euro available. The price to 99 euros, for the Bluetooth key fob Nuki FOB on 39 euro amounts for Nuki bridge. The smart lock as well as who can bridge Nuki in the Nuki-online shop or ordered at Amazon.

(Bild: Nuki) Nuki suitable for European cylinder. House locks can open and close automatically via Smartphone. Nuki can be controlled via Bluetooth and WiFi.

the existing cylinder must be replaced

in contrast to other systems. Smart lock is simply placed on the inside of a door on the existing Castle and survived after the cylinder safe these clamped or glued. The user of the door, approaching the castle is unlocked automatically, leaving the Smartphone always in the Pocket. With the Smartphone is controlled via Bluetooth and WiFi – in no more than three seconds, the lock is unlocked. It can be opened as before but with a key. Also, the status of the lock can be seen via the Smartphone – lost smartphones can be disabled at any time. Nuki user can assign also timed or permanent permissions to other users. Each person is invited to participate via a link.

 available now can smart lock also about Amazon Alexa be controlled (image: Nuki home solutions) can smart lock also about Amazon Alexa be controlled (image: Nuki home solutions)

who his door lock in addition would like to control by voice command, which can now thanks to the new Amazon Alexa integration. To start this, users must enable only the Nuki skill within the Alexa app and awarded a personal PIN-code to unlock. This must be for commands such as “Alexa, say Nuki, it should unlock the door” and “Alexa, Koray say it is supposed to lock ‘n’ ‘ go run” be entered. It should additionally secures a home.

“the introduction of this security feature was a very important point for us prior to the introduction of the Alexa skills because coincides this duplicate query with the strict safety concept of Nuki”, explains Martin Pansy, CEO Nuki home solutions. The bridge, which is simply plugged into a maximum of five metres outlet ensures permanent Internet connection for the smart lock and is therefore as well as the free Nuki Web account basic conditions for linking to Amazon Alexa.

 the intelligent door lock is simply placed on the inside of a door on the existing Castle and attached to the cylinder with three screws (image: Nuki) the first version of the intelligent door lock was just placed on the inside of a door on the existing Castle and fastened with three screws on the cylinder
today will be clamped or glued (image : Koray) is

the Nuki smart lock once mounted, use the physical key device increasingly forgotten, so the manufacturer. The front door opens over Bluetooth with the auto-unlock function automatically, when you come home. The lock ‘ n’ go function locks the lock as soon as the user leaves his house or apartment. It is activated with a push of a button – or even slightly smarter now by voice command. Other features that can be controlled with Alexa, are the status and the locking protocol. So is always recognizable, who when entering the House and leave. The control is currently available in German and English, further languages are planned.

“the integration of Amazon Alexa we could comply with the wish of many customers” Pansy is pleased. “Moreover, we return a decisive step to our vision of the smartest possible door lock in Europe closer.”

Nuki home solutions started his Crowfunding campaign for his smart door lock, which was at that time still Noki and not Nuki in may 2015 under the name Noki home solutions. The reason for the name change: Nokia noted that the logo “Noki” (No Key) was too similar to the own company. The maker of the door lock took it positively and smoothly without further ADO to July 2015 in were convinced that “Nuki” (New Key) was still coherent with the own vision.


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