Now available in capacity of 128 GB of memory

Apple increases the memory capacity of the iPad mini 4 to 128 GB

yesterday was a pretty full day in what refers to the news of devices and accessories from Apple however one of the innovations that have gone somewhat unnoticed has been update of the mini iPad 4 which now has 128 GB memory .

During the last years we have seen as the guys from the Californian firm have focused on its line of devices iPad, neglecting a bit what would come to be the mini iPad line.

The line increasingly careless mini iPad

the clearest example it have with the arrival of the iPad mini 3, which was little more than a simple update of the mini iPad 2 with the addition of Touch ID, more capacity, its new color dorado and little else.

In addition, remember that the mini iPad 4 was released in September of 2015, so this year would be 2 years already. The device came with some important changes, compared to the previous version of including the processor A8, connectivity Wi-Fi 802. 11ac, 1 GB of RAM-additional memory and a reduction in the thickness.

Something you might say that it is very little, considering that a few months later Apple unveiled the iPad Pro 12.9 inches, which would share catalog with the.

We already know that they are two completely different devices since the iPad Pro has, in addition to a price and a higher size, a much better performance for the highest post of the line iPad, however some details of the mini iPad 4 could have been considered at the time that this tablet was longest.

The mini iPad 4 against the new iPad’s 9.7 inch

update yesterday, with the increase of the capacity to 128 GB of memory in the iPad mini 4 without any improvements, or colors, or no processor variation suggest that the objective of Apple is that users prefer is the new iPad’s 9.7-inch , which, despite being available from the 32 GB of memory, also offers the A9 processor and an affordable price.

With the same capacity, mini 128 GB iPad Wi-Fi 4 keeps the price of €479, while the newcomer iPad’s 9.7 inch Wireless, with the same capacity, will sell for €499.

This difference in price is also evident for mini iPad models 4 WiFi + Cellular front the new iPad’s 9.7-inch with WiFi + Cellular and 128 GB of memory, since the first will cost €629 against the € 659 of the tablet’s larger size.

So changes made by Apple the iPad Mini 4 in yesterday could be really the last until we see a final withdrawal of the device. Taking into account the arrival of the new 9.7-inch iPad, would you buy the iPad mini 4 of 128 GB?

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