NoMoreCry: Spanish vaccine the ransomware WannaCry

WannaCry was a disaster. we can still feel its effects, and experts agree that this was just the first attack. Microsoft had fixed the vulnerability in March, and even issued patches out of band for unsupported operating systems, but if for some reason those hotfixes cannot reach your terminals, the National Cryptologic Center located in Madrid published NoMoreCry a script whose objective is to prevent the infection of WannaCry in the first place.

it seems that the world now has a keen interest in the ransomware . Unfortunately, it took the fall of Telefónica, the British health system, and almost a quarter of a million computers in 150 countries. for several years that specialized media have been warning about the danger of the ransomware, and in most cases those warnings were described as exaggerated or on the edge of paranoia. Well… the party was finished. Hit WannaCry turned out to be brutal, and no one laughs when an ambulance must be redirected to another hospital because the first settlement terminals were trapped. Microsoft’s response was satisfactory, but your patch out of band for XP reminds us that refresh cycles are still far from complete. Thus arrived at NoMoreCry a ‘digital vaccine» created by National Cryptologic Center in Madrid.

NoMoreCry aims to prevent the execution of WannaCry. The big question is what shall be as effective to their future variants…

Basically we are before a mutex, a padlock If you want to. The script looks for block the execution of WannaCry into the terminal and by extension avoid personal file encryption. The official report of the CCN is very complete and basic recommendations are in line with the above there, but NoMoreCry serves as a last resort for vulnerable terminals that can not be protected in a traditional way. Now, NoMoreCry comes with two caveats: the first is that cannot decrypt files or clean infected systems with WannaCry. The role of NoMoreCry is prevention, not more than that. The second is that has no permanence on your computer, therefore, the administrator must configure its execution whenever the operating system boot.

the good news is that NoMoreCry extends its compatibility to Windows 2000 . Several websites statistics stopped registering Windows 2000 by its low market share, but if WannaCry proved anything it is that there are still very old terminals connected to the network…

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