New we would see in iOS 11?

some time ago I showed a concept of iOS 11 I liked enough, at least within the Group of editors. Therefore, we decided to make a brainstorming about what we would like to have in the next version of iOS. Don’t forget that at the bottom have enabled comments to give us your ideas on this topic. We started! “

the coveted dark mode

 dark mode iOS interface mode dark activated

one of the suggestions that first jumped within the Group was the possibility – and need in some cases – to have implemented dark mode within our iPhone and iPad.

is a feature that many are really necessary and it seems that it may will be implemented almost certainly. After filtering it with some information about this new update, which could include dark mode was among them.

the truth is that it is very comfortable to our eyes having a screen in dark or black. View rests more than if we were using a white background all the time. clear example of this is the dark way of Twitter. since he left, have not returned to have the background in white.

Alternatively, the possibility to apply different themes to change the look of your iPhone and make it a little different from the others.

multiple users on your iPad

this function could be seen in the video of the concept of iOS 11 and the truth is that it would be very interesting to be able to enjoy it in our tablets. Perhaps an iPhone is a more personal and I do not see the need to create multiple users, but in the case of the iPad it can become very useful.

I get in the case of a family in which all members used a same iPad for different functions. Each of them has their needs or preferences when using the iPad. In addition an inclusion of parental controls would be perfect to better control what children in the House can access.

is as if we say the creation of multiple users within a single computer. Each one has a different configuration in which feels more comfortable without having to share it with anyone more. For tastes the colors, they say, and in this case I think that the sentence comes to or painted.

to clear the cache of applications

another function that would be interested we would be the possibility of cleaning the cache that create our applications when we use them. All the stored cache makes that device becomes slower, and even reach to restart for that saturation .

from the own settings of the system, could enable somehow a button allowing to clear the cache for a specific app, either do it block.

more security in iOS 11 if steal you it

 stolen iPhone iPhone as phone choice for thieves

this point is important, since iPhone theft are high on mobile competition. If for whatever, someone steals you no you can locate mobile from the moment in which that phone is paid or put in airplane mode.

I to avoid that, if someday the phone gets stolen, they can put it in airplane mode use a little trick, and is as simple as that from the lock screen is it cannot be accessed control center.

merely request the fingerprint when turn off the iPhone or put it in airplane mode would be enough.

a facelift to apps native

have been stuck in a nearly identical design version after version, and I do not mean to third-party apps, but natives such as the case of Mail, reminders, calendar, and contacts.

its design is too minimalist and a facelift would you cool to not anchor in the same design each year.

control center mobile data I think that you will agree with me when I say that iOS users have spent years asking for a toggle or button to activate or deactivate our data rate from the control center. There are some shortcut, such as the rotation of the screen, that really is not the most commonly used. He could be replaced by this new feature and surely all users would appreciate.

send money to our friends from Wallet

is a rumor which is quite dormant, together with the Group FaceTime calls. It would be very convenient to be able to send money to our contacts with iPhone through the Wallet platform, making use of Apple Pay, is clear.

and these have been a little our ideas about what we ask him to the next iOS 11. Luckily there are more only a few days for the Developer Conference s, to learn new functions that implement Apple in this new version. Let us hope that they will surprise us in some way.

do you have any suggestions on what you would see in iOS 11? hope in the comments!

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