New rumor points to an iPhone 8 with 3GB of RAM and fast loading

 concept iPhone 8

rumors about the new iPhone coming out to light in September do not stop get out. And on the day of today has come out a new rumor that can be very interesting and that is enough true facing the reality of Cupertino, we will be in just a few months with the iPhone 8. New features of the iPhone 8

increase of RAM and fast charge this rumor points to a RAM increase in the device and the inclusion of a new type of loading port, which already is not enough known by all the apeleros, which is the Thunderbolt.

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this will bring a faster when loading our device, is saying, the iPhone will enter the world of the fast charge in their new genreacion iPhone according to research which has carried out the signature Arcuri , of which has been leaked the following excerpt:

in terms of configuration of memory / storage, three models probably take 3 GB of RAM ; 4.7 “5.5” is likely to have the same storage as the current options iPhone 7 7 + 32/128/256 GB, while the model 5.8 ” seems that only offered in two memory configurations: 64 GB and 256 GB. Finally, the model 5.8 ” will probably have a longer duration of the battery with two battery packs.

the most interesting we can see in this rumor is rapid charging, since the increase of RAM which has already mentioned we have it in the iPhone 7 Plus version, so the increase will be in the simplest version.

you what opnas of this rumor that has been launched in today? Do you think that we will see in the month of setpeimbre? Let us all your impreisones in the comments box.

via: MacRumors

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