New rumor keeps saying Touch ID will be located on the back of the iPhone 8

the great fear we have all Apple users, is that the month of September, the company present an 8 Revolutionary iPhone with Touch ID on the back. future iPhone 8 would have screen OLED and load wireless, but do not know where the Touch ID will be located, if integrated in the front or in the back under the Apple, or included in the own Apple.

Touch ID on the back of the iPhone 8, advance or delay?

a few weeks ago we announced something that didn’t almost anyone in the world of Apple, the Touch ID could be included in the back of the new terminal . This should be that engineers would have not been able to find the way include this fingerprint sensor in the front of the device integrated in the display OLED.

a new report has been released in the pro network part of CLSA Sebastian Hou and Brian Chen analysts reinforce this concept which has not pleased no one. Then we leave a summary of this report:

both Samsung as Apple tried to disable the sensor of fingerprint on the screens OLED 2017 terminals, but its optical technology seems immature and the main problem with the iPhone 8. Some speculate so that the fingerprint sensor will be removed and replaced by 3D detection. Our latest supply chain controls indicate that 8 iPhone will still have sensor security giving, ease of use, and a need for infrastructure payments, but there is a high probability that it will be at the rear as in the S8 Samsung Galaxy.

as you can read, according to this report, Touch ID would be eliminated by 3D detection but not in 2017. this is because this technology to replace the Touch ID is not fully mature. This is why that there is a great probability that the sensor is included in the back of the device, because that company would not have sufficient technology to be included in the front, with the panel OLED.

 diagram iPhone 8 | Source: CLSA

in the diagram proposed by CLSA, find the Touch ID under the characteristic Apple . In addition, find a camera in vertical, something common in all the rumors we’ve seen so far. In relation to the size we would see, according to CLSA, an 8 greater than 7 iPhone iPhone, but smaller iPhone 7 Plus.

do you think that Apple will bet by placing the Touch ID on the back? Leave us your thoughts in the comments box.

source | MacRumors

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