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from 2012 the Raspberry Pi has grown very popular, being today positioned as a development of reference plates.» One of his rivals classics in recent times are being the Orange Pi, a plate with a design similar but based on Allwinne processors

Shenzhen Xunlong has the SBC Board very similar to the Raspberry Pi in the absence of 1 USB connector, but at a cost much lower than at Aliexpres . It is also open and hackable. The low-cost Development Board competes openly with other existing ones where the most remarkable is also the Banana Pi, pretending all them compete with Raspberry IP.


this Board i deposit a CPU based on ARM Cortex A7 Dualcore and Quadcore (in the more powerful version), a Mali GPU OpenGL-compatible and 1 GB DDR3 RAM, possibility of addressing up to 64GB of storage cards or by a SATA port, connections for audio, CSI connector for camera , HDMI, VGA, USB OTG, USB 2.0, feed, GPIOs, IR, AV, receiver of infrared, Ethernet RJ45 10 / 100M, three USB 2.0 ports, one microUSB OTG, a microphone, a CSI interface for camera and a header from 40-pin compatible with Raspberry Pi, etc

over differences with respect to the original, certainly almost all SBC plates are quite similar to focusing to be clones more cheap Raspberry IP. It is a matter of tastes or needs, because as we have seen substantial differences, can not be argued except the ARM are based on architectures other than (as those based on x 86) which discussed tend to heat up much normally specifying a passive radiator or if it is possible to better asset (equipped with a miniventilador).


in terms of the operating systems supported, are Raspbian, Debian, Ubuntu and Android 4.4 and other versions of downloadable Google’s system from official website… All of them can be moved by Allwinner and hardware chips that deliver these plates SBC (Single Board Computer).

from the official website there is a image for Android, but unfortunately does not work but thanks to the community that is behind this Board has been created a new image if it is functional, which tries also to fully exploit the hardware of this plate.

as the procedure of installation of an Android image is slightly different from an image based on Linux, let’s see how to create it.

to create the image we will need the following software:

new mushroom ROM installation is simple:

  • download Android firmware
  • unzip the file with winrar
  • insert a microsd to your computer
  • open Phoenix Suite, and select the image file that was downloaded and decompressed in the first two steps
  • make sure that disK shows the unit where the sd has gone (if by mistake it is another unit would erase its contents)
  • press F non-Normal ormat
  • wait until the process
  • check the checkbox Startup now!
  • Burn press!

 phoenix. PNG

  • after a few minutes you should see getting to the end and conclude the process


Note: if in this process of the da ERROR may be due to the lack of capacity or by the type of memory (recommended at least one 16GB microsd HC)

in the version of the firmware V1.2 includes :

  • multimedia libraries updated
  • updated my librtmp custom Kodi
  • other small…

registry changes V1. 1:

  • the above less the custom kernel is not necessary…
  • based on 202 k 4
  • updated Root
  • updated Busybox
  • added Nano editor text. Open Terminal and type nano
  • added Bash environment. Open terminal and type bash
  • added support init.d.
  • other small things…

V1 change log:

  • TWRP (Thks Abdul_pt)
  • Kernel tronsmart (July) of custom settings.
  • Xbox360 wireless and cable bracket.
  • Custom Kodi 14.2 CedarX Hw acceleration of source code zidoo (thks zidoo and kodi equipment) clean and remove all protections!
  • updated all Google applications!
  • clean everything dragon resource eater spyware crap
  • added some pre-installed applications. YouTube, Terminal, Reboot, ES, AdAway File Explorer…
  • increase in TCP buffers
  • added a Nexus10 build.prop

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