New features of dropbox – dropbox-paper app for iOS and Android

dropbox has introduced new features to its mobile app for iOS and Android . The document scanner is available now for Android devices . Further, dropbox paper now can be used offline as well. The new features are free accessible for every user with a dropbox account.

the document scanner for the mobile dropbox app for Android enables the simple scanning of printed or handwritten notes, as well as converting to PDFs. Also, the documents can be cut or turned to get the correct picture. Also, multiple pages can be scanned and added together to a single PDF. In addition to these standard features, dropbox also have business customers the opportunity to browse their scans for words.

next the improved mobile dropbox paper app for iOS or Android operating systems now has about an offline editing function. Thanks to the new offline mode by dropbox users despite temporarily without Internet connection to can create new documents, access to latest and most popular documents, edit and annotate. If the mobile device is back online, the changes are synchronized and merged with those of the team.

(Bild: Dropbox) (Bild: Dropbox)

the mobile dropbox paper app Android and iOS is available in 20 languages and is designed to facilitate working in their own language and with team members around the world. It is suitable especially for internationally active teams that want to communicate and cooperate with partners and agencies all over the world. DISPLAY

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