Netflix will not give you a year free to share this message

a message has come to you in WhatsApp that Netflix give you in Exchange for sharing a message? is another farce, do not fall into that . You have all the details, keep reading.

the message strings are always looking for new victims

there are many types of messages over the internet, from silly tricks to big scams, passing by some that include links to malware. In this case, is going through WhatsApp a message suggesting that you can get a year of free Netflix only sharing the message with others ten . Now think, Netflix has been reported once via this system?

Netflix does not communicate via WhatsApp with its users

not only not we can trust a chain message, whatever it is that promote, or neither can rely when a company has ever done something in that way. Netflix communicates with its users via social networks, announcing new titles or promoting some that are already available . They can e-mail you a if so you have indicated in your account, to advertise a new title that could be of interest to you. Finally, can communicate directly with them using the methods advertised on its help page : chat or call.

 Help Center on Netflix help on Netflix Center

has taken such magnitude this new fraud chain Community Manager of the company has been forced to respond with respect to this when a user has done you know through the social network Twitter . In this response, have been highlighted the fact that this streaming service is never would communicate using that path, i.e. not using WhatsApp to communicate with their users.

 Netflix Whatsapp Netflix response concerning the chain of messages on WhatsApp

national police has also joined in this alert

from your twitter account national police wanted to warn about this message and other similar fraud. You don’t chop can get your personal and banking data or introduce malware on your computer. 

what do I do if I receive one of these messages?

IGNORE IT . Netflix only offers its users a free month to start the subscription . In certain cases, and always via e-mail, can return to offer you a free month service but always taking into account that we have already been subscribers and take time with the cancelled account. Netflix does not currently have any active promotion in which you offer a year’s free service. 

is important to to beware of such messages as a general rule, allowing us to check that URL gives us the message and make sure that our suspicions were right. Finally, if even a shadow of doubt can become you, don’t be afraid to directly to the service in question and always have your account protected with a good password. 

 Netflix Netflix on an iPhone

If you are a user of Netflix, know that you can skip intro of the series? Have you received one of these “promotional” messages on Netflix? Tell us about your experience and as you have acted upon it.

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