“My first 10 days with the new iPad (5th generation)

 new iPad's 9.7-inch low cost which would replace the current iPad Air.

I have purchased the new iPad that Apple released a few weeks . Would you like to know about my experience with it after 10 days of use? Then keep reading.

why do bought me this new iPad?

in the year 2013, I bought the mini iPad, which I enjoyed very much and I took him everywhere. Now in 2017, after not having received iOS 10 and be a 32-bit device it was obsolete. Even so, I jumped to try to take advantage. I restored the device, I installed only the applications that I wanted to use, but its capacity of 16 GB didn’t to too much, especially if I wanted to download content from Netflix to see offline. All this led me to want to purchase a new iPad.

more or less at the moment that I decided that I wanted to do me with a new iPad, there were many rumors about a new iPad so I decided to wait and see with that surprised us Apple. It was very clear that version Pro is out of my budget and I needed either a device so powerful . So I waited and Apple introduced a new iPad, original size at a very attractive price .

 iPad 5th generation

Unboxing and first on

I bought the device through the Apple Store website and opted to pick it up at the store of Puerta del Sol in Madrid. Contrary to some other time, just had to wait until I hand over the device. Arriving at home I enjoyed the small pleasure of opening the box. As you can see in the following pictures, I bought the iPad 32 GB spatial gray, more than enough for the use I give.

 iPad Unboxing iPad

as you see, we have the iPad, your charger and cable . I also found the instructions and the typical bite Apple stickers.

as to the first power, just like any other iOS device. I chose language, localization, iCloud and this is the aspect of the iPad the first time I turned on him. It was 94% of battery, so I had iPad for a while. I took the opportunity to download applications that wished to eliminate those of iOS that I know that I am not going to use. I mainly use it to consume multimedia content, Netflix, HBO and Youtube mainly. “

 first iPad on first ignition of the new iPad

is the battery that is as durable as they say?

the issue of battery is a controversial issue, since it depends on the type of use we make of the iPad. In my case, as I have said, consumption mainly video. Apple indicates that the time of navigation via the Wi-Fi internet and media consumption is up to 10 hours, and honestly so. I have spent several days maratoneando with Netflix, and I’ve been with the brightness to maximum, the shortest time I have obtained have been 8 hours up to 8% – 10% battery .

in terms of the time of load, using the 10W that comes with the iPad, takes about 4 hours to get to 100% battery. Personally, very good weather for the capacity that has.

 iPad on Apple Store

what I think of the quality of the screen and speakers?

the iPad has a 9.7-inch Retina display, which gives a quality of images and video more than excellent . I’ve seen videos in the highest quality in any service streaming, no problem. Its speakers, although it is true that it has only two at the bottom, but in my opinion are very good quality for listening to movies or series.

have not missed the button side sound/mute

there was much controversy when Apple got rid of the mute button. This button is clearly a typical characteristic of iOS devices, but they have decided to get rid of it in iPads Pro and this new device. Would have I missed it? Not at all. The use I give to this device is consumption of multimedia (for now), which do not need notifications. It is as simple as to access the control center and activate the mute . It seems to me a very elegant way to get rid of that button and have it at the control centre which we access a lot easily. “

 Center notifications iPad

Conclusion and opinion staff

seems to Me one of the best purchases I have made in recent months. device speed is something that has me overwhelmed, especially if I compare it to the pileup in what became the mini iPad. Multi-tasking is something to which I am getting you much party is a great pleasure to have two applications open at the same time.

seems a device than on value for money and, in addition to being Apple, is excellent. remember that the 32 GB Wi-Fi version is in €399 and the 128 GB capacity only £ 100 more. Apple has released an iPad low cost and I can not be more happy. Questions if or not to buy you this new iPad? As do not hesitate more and throw is a great device with a value for money unbeatable

and you, what do you think of this new iPad? Also have you purchased it? Leave us your experience in the comments.

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