My experience with the 2017 iPad and iPad Pro, which is more worth?

from launch of the new iPad makes little more than one month, many are those who have asked us about whether it is really worth its acquisition or conversely, the best is to bet on one of the “Pro” range. In this post I will tell you my experience with both and which would advise according to who ask me.

the iPad 2017 is much for very little

the iPad 2017 is a great iPad for a really affordable price. We have been testing it thoroughly for several weeks (and even my colleague Carlos made a video where summed up their experience and that I will leave you here), and feelings with him have been fantastic. It is an iPad that applies to everything that is worth an iPad Pro. that is perhaps the phrase that referred to this device as better.

in terms of specifications, is worth its A9 have the same power that the iPad of 9.7-inch Pro A10 processor, is worth even its image quality does not reach the level of this, but the question is perhaps we take you advantage of all that power to own iPad 9.7-inch Pro? .

If you are reading this post with the hope that help you solve the dilemma of that purchase, I will tell you that 2017 iPad going to serve virtually everything you propose and that does not depend on an Apple Pencil. In addition to being cheaper, because East is can be purchased from €399 . “

the iPad Pro continues to be the iPad of the I want and I can not

 the iPad Pro has the exclusivity of use of Apple Pencil the iPad Pro has the exclusivity of use of Apple Pencil.

If you have got this far you’ll be seeing that my opinion on the iPad Pro is not what everyone might expect when I went to compare it to a “less powerful” iPad. But is that I firmly believe that the power do not give it your specifications, but the ability of the team for making us the day much easier… and if we talk about a team that is called “Pro”, which have the ability to help us in the day to day professional. Does get it this iPad? Many say yes, but… would perhaps 2017 iPad could not do it also?

firmly believe that the foot hold of the iPad is still software. you can not pretend to sell us the iPad Pro as the replacement for the PC when really riding a mobile operating system with the limitations that entails. I hope that iOS 11 a step further and allow the iPad to differ from the iPhone and actually facilitate every day of those who dream that someday the iPad is its only tool.

as it isn’t today, compare two iPad equal in terms of capabilities: an iPad with power enough to most potential buyers, and an iPad and affordable more expensive that allows you to use a Apple Pencil but that otherwise offers the same capabilities.

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