My experience with telephone support from Apple

do you have a problem with one of your Apple devices? you have taken something wrongly? If you need to contact with telephone support from Apple, here I will tell how you can do it and my experience. 

with which problems can call telephone support from Apple?

with all those that have relationship with the Apple devices, from software to hardware, even with billing issues. personally, I had never seen in the position of having to talk to Apple with a problem until I bought my iPad 2017 . Bought it online but I picked it up in store. Usually, when I have purchased any Apple device always have received an invoice after your purchase which sends it to me, an employee who has given me the products they had bought. In the case of the latest iPad, such bill was never me. The girl that I attended asked me my e-mail address as it is usual, but nothing came to me. Thinking that it was a problem of timing, I waited a few hours. Passing the time, see decided to call the company’s Apple to know what could have happened .

 Apple Support Apple technical support on their website

Apple calls you you

usually Apple support is technical, so my case in particular did not know where to find it. Couldn’t find anything related to the billing, I went directly to select related product, in this case the iPad .

 Apple Support options for telephone support from Apple

Apple offers us various types of help two in which they call you and another in which you have to call you . In this case, if you’re available to talk at the moment in which you are looking for help, you can schedule a call and Apple will call you at the agreed time. In the case that you can at this moment you can call your or let them call you, and this is the option I chose.

only need to give them a phone next to your name number and your Apple ID and in the estimated time that you secure from the web, I will be calling Apple support worker. If you see a foreign phone and even says that your device coming from Cork, Ireland can take it without any problems. Apple has the European headquarters in the city of Cork in Ireland . Similarly, agendas a appointment for the call, call you in the same way only that at the time that your have indicated it. Finally, if you decide to call them you Apple will provide you that phone is best suited for you contact them.

 support Apple the Apple technical support calls you

the treatment I received was excellent

the mine problem at hand is that it could not be solved via telephone support, but the girl that I attended was all that was in his hand to resolve my case. As he did not know if he had asked for help to the right place, I apologized to me and told him my case. He told me that I was not talking to the right place, but I would try to find the solution kept me waiting a long while talking to some of his colleagues trying to solve the problem. Sincerely, attempting to fix it it, and not pass me with another person was a great detail.

Finally, told me which was the solution . In my case, having collected the product in store is considered that it has purchased in store and not online. He told me to return to the store where I picked up my iPad and requested the relevant invoice. For personal reasons he could not go up to last several days, that I decided to wait and already put solution without worrying more than necessary. To my surprise, last about 3 days Finally I got the invoice to my Inbox . I don’t know that was the delay and arrival, perhaps mail stayed behind and came with much delay or my conversation with the telephone service of Apple had something to do.

 Apple Support

could not be solved, but the staff was impeccable

A regret that my problem was not possible that the girl is solved via online treated me in the best way that could and knew . The truth is that I was left with a very good taste and I take my hat off to so fantastic and personalized attention that the girl gave me. The only thing I regret is not remember the name of the girl that attended me .

and you have ever had to call the phone Apple support? Have you had such a good experience as I am? Leave us your experience in the comments box.

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