My experience with Opera Neon and its design breaker

in the network there are numerous browsers. The most famous for macOS is not, Safari and Google Chrome . Although there are other browsers very interesting as it is Opera. This company has released a new browser, Opera Neon project , which I have tested these days. In this article, I bring you my experience with Opera Neon.

opera Neon, a new way of navigating

Opera, a company that over time has been getting more fame for their browser , has launched one that tries to break with the concept of getting in a browser.

, Neon Opera is a web browser, so don’t expect anything beyond that . It truly interesting of this browser is your experience renewed in certain aspects in which the rest of competitors still having a design conservative.

Opera Neon

one of these is the way in which tabs are presented. Opera has opted for get rid of the top bar showing different tabs that you have open, since they believe that it can prove to be overwhelming when it comes to be working. This bar has been modified by a series of circles on the side . This is much more friendly when it comes to be sailing, since it works as if they were applications with a miniature within the bubble . In my opinion, something very interesting, that although I think that it is designed for touch screens, may in the future see it in all browsers.

in addition to these bubbles, this also browser has integrated in their own flesh the option of dividing in two screen , to be able to work with two tabs, or even take a second screen video to have it in a corner when it comes to work.

something very interesting is also the we would see in this browser, to be integrated fully with our desktop. will want to give the feeling that we are working on our own desktop.

Te invite you to leave us in the comments box everything you think of this browser, that you can download here .

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