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The choice of a film communicates our State of mind on more than one occasion. do Aburridos? Action. Sad? Comedy. those are classic examples, but there may be important differences between what we feel and what we want. The portal looking for fill that gap by applying a platform for artificial intelligence and deep learning, whose main task is suggest the best movies based on genres and keywords that we have entered. The processing is in real time and is not required to create an account.

do you remember that movie with a blond actor who fetches a revolver which seems to be cursed? For the majority that might not be enough, but in the case of Google and avid consumers of film, are surplus leading to Brad Pitt in ‘The Mexican’ . Others probably reach that same film by Julia Roberts (diosa a los 49, me caso mañana) or by those two giants who are James Gandolfini (ael que perdimos demasiado rápido) and J.K. Simmons. And then there are the genres themselves. Romance. Comedy. Adventure. keywords that come up in our heads for dozens of reasons. Good day, bad day, boredom, a detail that suddenly reminded you to «that» movie, or the simple need to see something similar. Google can give accurate results, but isn’t as good when it comes to recommend. For this, there is .

I’m still not convinced that ‘Mad Mary’ has anything to do with science fiction and travel in time. Whims of a neural network in training, I guess…

basically, what makes is overturned the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning on the recommendation of films. Technical details reveal a neural network based on LSTM architecture [19459002](Long short-term memory), built with frame TensorFlow Google. As all neural network training you need, and the first step is to indicate what our movies and favorite actors. At that point we began to add other keywords, and presented in time real what believed to be films that best fit our tastes and our State of mind.

at first, the results of can be a little strange, and all entries must be written in English, since it is the only language that supports. Until they ask, only makes recommendations. The only thing contained level offering are their official trailers, nothing more.

input Movix. ai: would like you to recommend a movie? was first published in NeoTeo .

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