More to pay for compliance: Office365 Germany and other secure software services from Microsoft’s Germany cloud

its invitation for the provision of Office 365 Germany and power BI Germany earned Microsoft in Berlin a full House. The new software services, 2015 announced Microsoft already , are offered primarily sensitive security and compliance-conscious customers from Germany, EU and EFTA. “We think first of the public sector, but also financial institutions, healthcare and other sectors with high security requirements”, said Alain Genevaux at the press presentation of the services, which was located in front of the actual event.

in Berlin much Microsoft prominence had been given the activation of services, among other Sabine Bendiek, Chairman & CEO of Microsoft Germany, Julia White, Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft cloud platform. Anette Bronder, who is member of the Board of T-Systems International, the data trustee by Microsoft in Germany came. Sabine Bendiek made it clear: “above all it involves trust!”, namely that of the users who want to know their data access in particular American security authorities, but of course also all other unauthorized access. That is why T-systems as data Trustees had elected already 2016 Microsoft, only the corresponding software services were still missing. To describe the hochkompliziete in detail relationship in the context of this article, beyond the frame.

„Es geht um Vertrauen!“, Sabine Bendiek, Vorsitzende der Geschäftsführung, Microsoft Deutschland (Bild: Rüdiger) “it’s about confidence!”, Sabine Bendiek, Chairman & CEO, Microsoft Germany (image: Rüdiger)

police NRW uses the cloud

as the user representatives reported on the podium in the great Hall of the Berlin Microsoft location under den Linden Andreas of Hardy, Executive Director of police at police NRW, the benefits of the cloud for the police , for example, by storing and analyzing the large amounts of data involved in the forensic investigation of computers (20 PByte). Rapid scalability of cloud resources for the police authorities are as important in surprising development, he stressed. However, there will be long private clouds in addition to public cloud use straight to the police.

who also thus still always not by cloud in general or from Microsoft’s German cloud variant in particular was convinced Dr. Bernhard Rohleder was summoned by BITKOM CEO formally: “Without the cloud, the digital transformation is not to create!” That the latter is possible for Rohleder led the remote bus platform of Flixbus as a practical example. “Flixbus writes while their own software, but has no infrastructure.” Thereby, the company has operations in 20 countries. It is a typical example of a new platform that was possible only through the digitisation and cloud in its existing form. Flixbus, currently the market leader in remote bus systems, merges with the offers of many medium-sized bus companies on the Internet and making bookings they for a wide circle of interested party over a surface. «

Microsoft’s public launch of the new services coming not coincidentally at this time: the resource running the services in Germany are in data centers in Frankfurt and Magdeburg and from Berlin-Mitte from controlled. However, these infrastructures got only now, on the day of service delivery, the eagerly awaited certification according to ISO 27001 (certification on the basis IT-Grundschutz) and ISO 27018 (data protection in the cloud). The latter standard is there only since 2014th currently runs the SOC (security operations center)-certification where a half a year operation is mandatory, then to possibly the C5 certification. C5 stands for cloud computing compliance controls catalog and is a test scheme of the Federal Office for security in information technology (BSI) for companies and Government agencies who want to demonstrate operational security protection against cyber attacks. AWS has already acquired this certification for its German data centers.

Microsoft never has

Datentreunhänder T-systems

because of the data trustee agreement between T-systems and Microsoft without the explicit request and approval of the customers data access and may also on the infrastructure, such as patching and updates, neither personally nor remotely without observation by T-systems access (four-eyes principle). The data is permanently encrypted, and of course, Microsoft has also no key access.

sounds like “Not anymore”. But the protection turns out to be closer than not necessarily waterproof. For example also Sabine Bendiek could not exactly say on demand, who because so now to – replace the damage the customer in the event of an emergency, data corruption, data loss or misuse of data in Microsoft’s Germany-cloud of the T-systems data trustee or but Microsoft. Since one must consider individual cases, said Bendiek mutatis mutandis. Let’s just hope that customers in an emergency must sit out not only years of disputes between the Trustees and service providers before they receive financial compensation. But of course everyone go to sites from Microsoft and T-systems of that not even such emergencies occur. Rohleder knew: “Data is nowhere safe as a professional service provider in the datacenter.”

Rainer Strassner, Principal Program Manager Microsoft Deutschland (links), Alain Genevaux, Leiter Office Business Group, Microsoft Deutschland und Dr. Erik Schott, Kampana & Schott, bei der Präsentation der neuen Microsoft-Deutschland-Services in Berlin (Bild: Rüdiger) Rainer Strassner, principal Program Manager Microsoft Germany (left), Alain Genevaux, Head Office business group, Microsoft Germany and Dr. Erik Schott, Kampana & SCHOTT, at the presentation of the new Microsoft-Germany services in Berlin (image: Rüdiger)

However a not insubstantial fee is due for the security: while such as Office 365 in the Global Edition at least 4.20 euros per seat cost that is the basic price for Office 365 Germany 5.30 euros. Also power BI is considerably more expensive in the Germany version. That with the increased effort to do, so a special infrastructure was built specially for the Germany services. It depends on, but probably also with the anxiety level of security-sensitive customers to do, the measure is at the depth of the pockets. Genevaux: “our investigations have revealed that customers are willing to pay more to 25 percent for secure software services.”


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Office365 Germany: offer comes when security-conscious customers seem to

to get the new services. So, about the German assets investment AG, a financial services company, which provides lucrative investments and insurance companies alike and therefore subject to regulations from various areas, Germany wants to use Office 365 in the future. Consulting firm suspect new business. “I can make a suitable offer my consulting customers who previously shied reasons before the cloud, since now finally”, Dr. Erik Schott of the consulting firm Kampana & SCHOTT was jubilant.

at previous services, it should not remain. For example, a dynamics version for Germany is still in the first half of the year, also PBX services are to be added. New cloud versions of the micro is planned,Soft products regularly to integrate the offer of Germany-cloud. However, this does not apply without exception. There will be the social media tool Yammer, company can internally better connect employees with which, for example, still only in a global Edition. Customers can obtain the services directly via the Web or via partners, provided that they have a European billing address.

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