Mobile browser: Samsung Internet reached rank 3 in Germany

Samsung’s browser for Android which is to identify simply with “Internet” in the app launcher, its market share in this country since January 2016 significantly expanded. At the expense of Google chrome the market share lost in the same period.

 StatCounter mobile browser Germany (screenshot:

in Germany comes to chrome-based Samsung -browser that appeared in version 5.4 in may 2017 according to StatCounter to just under 18 percent. Google chrome is with just over 46 percent clear at the top, followed by Apple Safari 28,73%. The default Android browser with 3.9 percent ends up in fourth. And the UC browser achieved about as much as IEMobile 1.06 percent with 1.01 per cent. All other browser such as Firefox, Opera and edge are far away from the one-percent mark.

 StatCounter desktop browser Germany (screenshot:

This shows a completely different picture than for desktops in the mobile space. Here Firefox comes the with a share of more than 35 percent on 1st place, followed by chrome, Mozilla -browser is close on its heels with 34,34%. On third controller Internet Explorer ranks with a 11.53 percent share, followed by Safari with 7.34 percent. Edge 5.76 percent, and thus a higher market share than the remaining variants that come together to 5.38 percent.

Samsung Internet: in Germany much more popular than in the rest of the world

another interesting aspect is the fact that the Samsung browser in Europe even on rank 3 lands, but achieved with just a little more than 10 percent of less market share than in Germany. In the Netherlands and in Austria it is also more popular than the European average with slightly more than 14 and just under 16 percent. Asia he comes only to 6.1 per cent. Here is chrome with 48.5 percent again at the top, followed by the UC browser that is reached and more popular than Apple Safari 10.55 percent to almost 24 percent.

in North America, Apple Safari leads with a share of 45.95. Chrome only rank 2 reached here with 42,68 percent, while Samsung Internet 6,51% ends up in third place.

is a world-wide Google chrome with just under 50 per cent clear in the lead. The UC browser lands on rank 2 with 17.48 percent, followed by Safari with 15.75 percent. Samsung Internet reached third place with 6.6 percent, close behind lands Opera 5.12 percent. In the desktop area is clearly the chrome with a global market share of about 63 percent. Firefox lands on rank 2, followed by Internet Explorer with 9.26 percent at 14.22 percent. Safari with 5.3 percent ends up in fourth place, followed by edge with 3.7 percent. Other browsers together reach 4.22 percent.



mobile browser: market share of chrome, Safari, and Samsung Internet in selected European countries (source: StatCounter figures in percent)

Google chrome Apple Safari Samsung Internet
Germany 46,34 28,73 17,71
Austria 46,40 28,39 14,43
Switzerland 27,57 53,12 12.57
Denmark 36.12 50,20 8,47
Netherlands 39,43 39,84 15,96
Belgium 45,31 36,63 13.26
Luxembourg 32,70 49,56 12.52
France 48,34 33,22 11,51
Spain 70.35 19.67 6.00
Italy 56,34 25.20 10,13
Czech Republic 60,78 19,54 7.50
Poland 77,71 1.95 8,47
Europe (total) 54,59 27,02 10.10

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