MMD provides 34-inch display Philips 349X7FJEW from

MMD, brand licensing partner for Philips monitors to curved displays broadens its Philips 349X7FJEW to the new 24-inch screen . It comes with a 1800R-Krümmung in the UltraWide-21:9-format. The new X-line display Philips 349X7FJEW will be available in the April 2017. The suggested retail price is 899 euros.

 Philips 349X7FJEW (image: MMD)

the 34-inch LCD-VA-Panel comes with CrystalClear Quad HD resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels and should provide for a detailed image reproduction even when using the MultiView function, which should be simultaneous display of multiple image sources on the screen by advantage. The viewing angle is the manufacturer with each 178 degrees vertically and horizontally on, the brightness of 300 with cd / m ² and the contrast ratio 3000:1

the screen is wide enough to see the entire timeline of the current film project at the video playback at once. In addition, 117.3 percent of (CIE1931) sRGB color spectrum are reflected. Thanks to the AMD FreeSync support video playback to be liquid, without picture judder, screen tearing, or motion blur.

the display of the Philips is height-adjustable and inclinable, 150 mm so that the curved field of vision according to the manufacturer optimally adjust to the direction. Thus, an unpleasant and unhealthy posture while sitting is avoided.

the display is also equipped with the LowBlue mode. According to the manufacturer, studies have shown that in addition to ultraviolet radiation, also short wavelength blue light components can cause of LED screens, eye damage and affect eyesight over the course of time. Philips LowBlue mode uses a clever software technology that reduces harmful blue light and therefore increases the well-being.

Philips MultiView allows the user at the same time on one and the same wide screen monitor to display content from two image sources, instead of having to use two screens. The screen can either be divided into two equal sections, or one of the sources of the image can be used as picture-in-picture (PiP) is displayed. Users can watch this live news ticker or sports feed and simultaneously edit documents. In addition, a separate USB hub on your desk thanks to the monitor is not necessary, because multiple devices can be connected to the integrated hub. Eliminates cable clutter and the USB ports of the notebook remain free for quick access. In addition, the monitor can be used for fast charging of USB devices.

the screen is equipped with two 5-Watt speakers. The range of connections includes a DisplayPort 1.2, an HDMI 1.4 port, a HDMI 2.0 port, a four USB 3.0 ports (1 with quick charge feature), sync inputs and audio connections.

the 8.21 kilo screen is including foot 810 times 444 times 292 millimeters in size.

“Our goal is that as many users as possible which bring advantages of curved displays – focus and immersion -“, says Artem Khomenko, product manager Philips monitors Europe at MMD. “the 34-inch display is the latest in an extensive series, which we bring to the market this year. Our aim is to offer displays, with whom the user has much joy and thus more able to make and be more productive. Our wide, elegant wide-screen monitors, which were inspired by our environment, are perfect for this.” DISPLAY

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