MKRFOX1200, an Arduino for IoT

 MKRFOX1200 with its gsm antenna

2017 will be the year of the Internet of things, no doubt. And the free Hardware is a good proof of this. During these months have been different free and not so free plates which are focused on the IoT world.

models which are characterized by having a gsm module built-in that allows to send data remotely without having close to a wifi network. Arduino is no stranger to and has launched its own Arduino board with GSM module this plate is called MKRFOX1200.
MKRFOX1200 is a very similar to Arduino Pro, i.e., a small plaque with the power and principles of Arduino. Microchipping of this model SAM D21 is 32-bit Cortex-M0 + . But it also has a GSM module with antenna that allows the device to send data remotely and have an extra support service and network connection Sigfox allowing among other things get geolocation plate or send data free of charge.

MKRFOX1200 have Sigfox network connection for two years

However this network connection Sigfox will only be valid for two years. Then the service is disabled or is available for us with the corresponding service fee.

the truth is that with Sigfox or without Sigfox, this new Arduino board is very interesting because it is a good choice for projects or areas where you can not access a Wifi network and you need to send data as for example the field, the smartcities or the industrial world with an environment so hostile to certain technologies.

the price of this Arduino board will not be as affordable as other devices, in particular because he is available in official Arduino stores for 35 euros nothing affordable price if we compare the cost of plates as Orange Pi or Raspberry Pi can be connected to any Arduino board and still are more expensive than MKRFOX1200.

in any case is a young Board model and you have to give time to the makers believe their projects or try it for them, but something tells me that the price will not be an obstacle to the development of this plaque do not you think?

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