MintyPi, a game console portable and mentholated


surely that the more senior you will know or have known the” gadgets”of a single video game. These machines were the predecessors of the current portable consoles. These things are not very reproduced but if you have a big crowd behind them.

has managed to a user recreate one of these “things” in a box of menthol candy . These candy brand is Altoids, a brand known in the Anglo-Saxon world. This makes that the project has received the name of MintyPi .

MintyPi is called by the use of the box of menthol candy manufacturing

if, indeed, the project used a Raspberry Pi plate, in particular the Raspberry Pi 3 . This Board allows the Hindfoot project playing any old game (and not so old) and also has a super size for use in the metal casing of the menthol candy, without making major modifications or additions to the device.

but has not been enough box of Altoids to create MintyPi. As you can see in the video, the creator of this project has had to use a 3D printer to be able to perfect the device . Thus creating the respective pieces that fit into the box of Altoids.

Unfortunately still not can have all data and files related to this project and therefore cannot recreate it or improve it. At least for the moment, since its creator has confirmed that he will make it public.

in any case, this MintyPi project is something that with a little imagination we can copy and create our taste using an old box of plastic or a metal similar to Altoids. That Yes, the price of this project will not be economic as it uses a plate of Raspberry Pi 3, display and controls that have been being printed. Now, I doubt that many people have this MintyPi.

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