Ming-Chi Kuo predicts interesting changes in Note 8 and highlights similarities with the iPhone 8

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Ming-Chi – Kuo returns with two new reports, this time over copies between Apple and Samsung. The thing goes Bezels and Chambers between the iPhone 8 and Note 8.

Ming-Chi – Kuo and two reports on Apple and Samsung

KGI analyst brings two new Samsung-related reports and their ships insignia, Note 8 and the Galaxy S8.

always has been – and will be – competition and a daily struggle between Apple and Samsung to see which of the two is better. It is very common to see comparative online, publishing to East beats East in certain aspect.

as given by internet, the S8 won’t be the best-selling device due to fails to attract the public as it should be . This fact is compared to the great success that will have the iPhone 8, and in that field enter Ming-Chi – Kuo with its investigations. “

the Note 8 is suspiciously similar to the 8 Apple iPhone

 iPhone 7 Plus finally came to Argentina Samsung will incorporate dual camera in your Note 8

it is clear that somebody, can have a failure but perhaps this device, which will present Samsung at the end of this year bring dragged the history of its lower model, Note 7, so you all know.

the first appearance that Samsung plans to implement in your Note 8 will be dual camera and this fact will be its greater Charter to play. It is something completely new in the series Note and will be the main attraction for sales.

this dual camera will be built-in 3 x optical zoom, 12MP, wide angle, telephoto, among other interesting features. Own analyst of KGI has ensured that the camera of Samsung will be better than which incorporates the iPhone 7 Plus .

has even dared to predict that it will be the same camera that fit the iPhone 8 OLED. And here begin the war . “

love the dual camera but the reduction of bezels also

 Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple during Q1 2017 according to Trendforce

there is no us to doubt that the main attraction of the iPhone 7 Plus is its dual camera. The portrait mode is simply stunning.

Samsung was criticized because it not incorporated this dual camera iPhone 7 Plus model, but on the other hand was adored by the idea of the maximum utilization of the front of the S8 Galaxy.

users missed that dual camera, as well as fingerprint sensor is not located on the front, but thanks to the reduction of bezels, eventually them won to want to buy it .

is not yet known if Apple will follow the same trend as that Samsung on the fingerprint reader, but if you put it in the back of the iPhone, many users will take is a big disappointment. 

as I always say, are many months to see the final design of both, but when the river sounds, water carries.

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