Milshake3D, a 3D printer whose qualities will surprise you

with which you can get a unit at a cheaper price.

to begin with, contrary to what we are accustomed, the Milshake3D is one of those capable of working with the SLA technology printers that printed on the contrary, i.e., performed his works begun by the top of the object to end zones lower, as I said at the beginning of this paragraph, just contrary to what we are accustomed. As detail, let know you that to perfect this technology, a large group of designers and engineers have had to work for more than one year to get improve your machine.

Milshake3D, a printer developed especially for artists and designers.

according to the press release accompanying the presentation of the Milshake3D, apparently is a 3D printer which has been developed mainly thinking about the work of artists and designers. Its main attraction is its peculiar way of working with which, according to the company responsible for its development, get greater stability in the printing of any type of object, regardless of its complexity, something that greatly improves the results of very detailed models.

on the other hand, we have a machine fitted with a high volume of printing, specifically 288 x 162 x 160 mm ideal for producing large objects although, in its datasheet, we can see that it can be adjusted to manufacture very small objects such as jewelry. As for the print resolution, let know you that we are talking about some dimensions ranging from 20 to 100 micrometers with an x/y resolution of just 50 micrometers.

If you are interested in to get ahold of a unit of the Milshake3D, let know you that the current price is nearly 3,500 euros and it is estimated that the first units will begin reaching out to their respective owners for you in August of the same year 2017.

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