Microsoft Windows Vista: Support runs in just a few weeks of final

after April 11th is no security leaks fix Microsoft and publish any other updates for the operating system. support for Windows Vista will expire then final. But even during the extended support phase, Microsoft has offered since 2012 for Vista, the operation was very risky Vista. Microsoft has supported Vista for around 10 years.

Microsoft warns users continue to use appropriate systems, or to surf the Internet. The company lays those affected a change to Windows 10 close. Which system requirements that must be met, lists Microsoft here

 extended support of Windows Vista is set. (Image: extended support of Windows Vista is set. (Image:

Internet Explorer 9 the latest Microsoft browser by Microsoft, that works with Vista, is also no longer maintained by Microsoft. Microsoft has already finished the download Windows essentials for Vista, but Microsoft will update the signatures here a while.

looking at the views of then yet 0.64 per cent of all access on systems running Windows Vista were made in the year 2017. 2016, it was still 1.19 percent. According to market observers by NetApplications, still 0.78 percent with Vista are on the road this year.

Vista was probably the least popular operating systems by Microsoft. At that time, Microsoft introduced the controversial user access control that strained the patience of users including through frequent queries and interactions with the user.

also reports on drivers stopped working piled up with Vista. Thus there were also incompatibilities with software products. Thus is explained perhaps also why in the February 2017 according to NetApplications were still 8.45 percent of all users with Windows XP on the network, although the operating system gets more since 2014 no support and care by Microsoft.

also Mozilla is in these days support for Vista and XP set and the users of these operating systems automatically on a Firefox extended support release ( por ) migriren. Mozilla is one of the last companies that überhautp still support these platforms. But from September 2017, also Mozilla Vista and XP is no longer supported. DISPLAY

wireless networking: free ride for vehicles of the next generation of

has become the networking of vehicles over the last 20 years to a medium for general safety messages and traffic management. But nowadays cars are equipped with new sensors to achieve even better networked and safer driving.

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