Microsoft: Windows 10 runs on 500 million devices

Microsoft Windows 10 has called on the occasion of the opening of its developers Conference build 2017 new figures on the prevalence of . Therefore, the company registered in the past 28 days, more than 500 million “monthly active devices”, running a current version of the Microsoft operating system. There were 400 million devices in September 2016.

 logo Windows 10 (image: Microsoft) the number not only PCs and tablets, but also the remaining smartphones with Windows 10 mobile. Additionally, Microsoft Xbox one consoles with 10 Windows and HoloLens – collects surface -lifting devices.

it is clear that Microsoft goal of a billion Windows-10 units within three years – so clearly will miss two years ago by Windows Chief Terry Myerson until late summer 2018 -. A year later, after the sale of the mobile phone division, Myerson had conceded, that’s probably will take longer than three years to achieve that mark. According to Microsoft’s own statistics, the number of Windows-10 users in the past increased about seven months to 100 million. Even with steady growth it may take still almost three years, for Windows 10 crack the billion mark – so probably in time for the end of the support of Windows 7 in January 2020

early 2016, less than six months after the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft reported 200 million active devices. End of March, there were 270 million, on May 5, 2016 300 million already, and two months later – shortly before the start of the anniversary update – another 50 million were added. End of September 2016 Windows 10 cracked the mark of then 400 million devices .

a historical comparison of the numbers of of use of is not possible because Microsoft named only numbers about selling licenses for earlier versions of Windows. In the case of Windows 7, there were 350 million within 18 months. It is however unclear how many of those licenses still on the shelves of retailers were or were installed on unsold PCs. Also probably still many companies took advantage of the ability to perform a downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP at the time.

how high now is the spread of Windows 10 in the important business segment, leave the numbers from Microsoft. According to a survey by Gartner, want 85 percent of the company until end of 2017 moving on Windows 10 at least start . Another poll by dimension research came to the conclusion that 77 percent of the companies will complete the transition to Windows 10 in the next two years.


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