Microsoft: To-do Wunderlist solves a new app for the Task Scheduler Microsoft from

developed under the name to do . Microsoft to-do is now available in a preview.

 developed by the wonder list team: Microsoft to do. (image: Microsoft) developed by the wonder list team: Microsoft to do. (image: Microsoft)

“To do comes from the team behind the miracle list app and offers a smarter, more personal and more intuitive way to stay organized and get the most out of a day”, says blog in a Microsoft. In addition, Office offer to do the integration with 365 and intelligent algorithms, which Microsoft wants to optimize the Organization of tasks. Office 365 users get an automatic synchronization with to-do and can access it across multiple devices across their tasks.

 to do suggestions

to do is from the Microsoft data centers out ready made and have a solid encryption. Professional users and administrators can start the preview to do 365 Admin Center from the Office.

users who want to upgrade from miracle to-do list, must use an importer. First users report however by transmission problems. Once transferred the best features from wonder list in this new app Wunderlist will sent “in retirement”, as stated by Microsoft. Microsoft will still to offer security updates, but develop no new features. Users of miracle list of startup 6Wunderkinder wait for new features since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2015. Redmond had paid between 100 and 200 million dollars for the Berlin start-up. The German company’s only product is the app wonder list.

Microsoft will transfer more features from wonder list in the new app in the next few months. In addition, other Microsoft services and products with to-do will be integrated. IPad planned about a list-sharing app for Mac, – or Android -tablets.

the to do preview is for iPhone Android Windows and is available for the Web .

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