Microsoft reports profit by 28 percent in the third fiscal quarter of

Microsoft has boosted its net profit in the third fiscal quarter (until 31 March) by 28 percent $ 4.8 billion . The non-GAAP earnings per share rose by 30 percent to 0.73 dollars. Also, the company increased its net sales by 8 percent to 22.09 billion dollars. Thus, Microsoft beats profit expectations by analysts who had expected a surplus of $0.70 per share. The gross sales of $23,56 billion was also just behind the forecast of 23.6 billion dollars.

 Microsoft sign in front of building 99 of the Redmond campus (image: Microsoft) meet the expectations of investors Microsoft could not, however, apparently. You dropped the price of Microsoft shares in post-trading trading around 0.45 percent to 67,96 dollars. The paper had completed yesterday’s trading day with a price of 68.27 dollars, after of course in the meantime even on a new 52-week high of 68.38 dollars had climbed.

Office products and cloud services for business customers swept 7 percent more revenue in Microsoft’s coffers as a year ago. The Office 365 sales improved in this segment by 45 percent. In the consumer area, Office and cloud reached a 15 percent increase in sales. In addition, now 26.2 million consumers should have completed an Office 365 subscription. Overall, the productivity and business processes group implemented $8 billion (up 22 percent). $975 million came from LinkedIn.

the area of intelligent cloud 6.8 billion dollars captured, 11 percent more than a year ago. Products and cloud services for server azure sales by 93 percent increased by 15 percent. Enterprise services deteriorated, however, by one percent. A decline in support agreements was compensated according to Microsoft Premier support services and consulting.

the more personal computing group is a $8.8 billion sales (minus 7 percent) still the largest Division. Windows OEM licenses, revenues increased by 5 percent. The sale of surface products brought however 26 per cent less a than a year ago. The Smartphoneumsatz collapsed to $730 million. This increased revenue from search advertising by 8 percent and gaming revenues by 4 percent.

for the months April to June Microsoft revenue predicts between 23.8 and $24.5 billion. The balance sheet of the fourth fiscal year 2016 reported revenue of $22.6 billion.


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